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All the best betting sites on the internet are not reputed sites. The sports fans who are novice online betters have to ensure that they choose a betting site that is legitimate as well as reputed. The Gambling Commission of UK has made the task of identifying a legitimate betting site rather easy. A reputed betting site in UK is licensed by the GC which is an independent body. The commission has madtope the rules and regulations for commercial gambling operators quite transparent. The regulated betting site will provide the details of their license. As a result of the licensing as well as the online gambling laws for sports betting in Britain, one can easily find the world’s best betting sites for 2017. These reputed sites offer their service to sports betting fans the world over. Most of the top betting sites of United Kingdom are in the market for decades and UK has the distinction of having a disciplined as well as matured betting market.

Best Betting Offers Online by UK bookies

According to us, bonuses are one of the most important criteria that you should search for when choosing a bookmaker. Nothing can make your day light up like a bonus that gives you free money to play with. And it’s not only the bonus that you get when opening a new account, most of the companies encourage you to continue betting through them by giving out small weekly bonuses. Below you’ll find our top bookmakers and the bonus offers that they have.

Top 10 Bookmakers List – Ranked and Sorted

#BookmakerGradeBonusReviewClaim Now
10Bet review
9.8£200 + £120ReviewBET NOW
Bet365 review
9.6£200ReviewBET NOW
Real Deal Bet review
9.5£50ReviewBET NOW
Stan James review
9.4£30ReviewBET NOW
888sport review
9.2x3 the oddsReviewBET NOW
BetVictor review
8.8£25ReviewBET NOW
Ladbrokes review
8.7£50ReviewBET NOW

Deposit Bonuses

Most of today’s online bookmakers offer opening bonuses in order to attract new clients and it’s really tempting to go for the one that offers the best available bonus. That’s why we recommend bet365 so highly in our bookmakers reviews page. Their 100% deposit bonus can’t be topped by anyone and can give a huge boost to your account. The bonus can be claimed by creating a new account through their website or mobile app after which you’ll receive the promo code that you must enter in the box located in the members section of the website. After you complete this, you’ll instantly be rewarded with the 100% bonus that can reach up to £200.

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Free Bets

where can you find free sport bet offers onlineUnlike the deposit bonuses, the best free bets can be given to you on multiple occasions, not just when you make a new registration. They’re also easier to claim and have fewer requirements. For example, if you want to receive Ladbrokes’ £25 free bet, all you have to do is place £5 on an event with odds at least ½. Later on, you’ll probably have the chance to use another risk-free bet, probably because of a refund.

Markets Offers

Bookmakers, just like sports teams, have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are considered all-rounders while others specialize in one or two markets. If you can pick the bookmaker that offers the best odds on your preferred markets, it can really make a difference. We’ll show you an example with two of the most popular markets – football and horse racing, so you can see for yourself that it’s not all the same between the bookies.

View the Best Betting Sites for Sports


In order to help you pick the right bookmaker, we’ve researched some of the top players when it comes to gambling a chose 4 random matches to compare the odds for a home win. For this, we selected two matches from the Premier League, one from the Championship and one from League 1.

Then we compared the difference between the best and lowest odds between different bookmakers that we selected.

how to bet on the football market in the ukYou see an advertisement for a product on TV and the price seems very low. You go to the supermarket to buy this specific product and some groceries, but when you came home you realized that you spend more than you usually do. Even though the advertised product was cheaper, other prices were raised and you ended up spending more in total. The smart thing here would be buying the cheaper product from here and the other groceries from your normal supermarket where they’re cheaper.

This situation can be applied to the betting market because if you have more than one account, you can easily find the best value for the event that you want to bet on. We found out that some bookmakers offer odds almost 14% better than their rivals. The games from the Premier League had the biggest difference between the biggest and lowest odds – 13.94% and 6.13% on the 2 sample games. For the Championship and League 1, these stats were 4.16% and 5.04%.

We think that you shouldn’t rely only on one bookmaker and gain an advantage by using the new player bonuses (like Coral’s bet £5 get £20 free bet).

To conclude our research, we recommend you use BetVictor and William Hill for Premier League fixtures and Bet365 for lower league games.

Horse Racing

find out more about the horse racing marketIt’s not easy to compare the horse racing markets because many bookmakers only show the starting price (SP). It’s calculated from the odds that are being offered at the actual race meeting and it can be decided differently, but usually a panel chooses the starting price by observing the price changes at the racecourse. The reasoning behind a starting price is determining the winning without fixed odds being taken or offered at that moment.

Despite that, all of the bookmakers we’ve chosen have Best Odds Guaranteed which means that if the starting price is higher than the odds, you’ll be paid out the higher price. You should still check the terms and requirements for any additional conditions attached.

Bet365 are offering a great promotion on all Channel 4 horse races which states that if you back a winning horse at odds 4/1, you’ll get a risk-free bet that matches your stake. Risk-free bets don’t include the stake, but if you lose, your stake will be refunded within one hour after the race. If you’re new to Bet365, you can take advantage of the 100% deposit match and increase your bankroll.

We chose four races for this one and compared the odds for a random horse, then all the different prices that were offered.

The difference here was huge – 30.76% between the best (Ladbrokes, SkyBet and BetVictor) and the worst odds (Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill and Coral). Race number two showed a 26.66% difference and this time Bet365, William Hill, Coral and BetVictor had the highest odds while Ladbrokes and Paddy Power were the bottom. The third race had a 40% difference for the odds at Bet365, Ladbrokes and BetVictor compared to Coral. In the last one, we can see a 30.76% variation between the top (Ladbrokes, SkyBet, Paddy Power and Coral) and bottom (William Hill, BetVictor and 10Bet).

This proves that you always should choose carefully the bookmaker to get best odds for your money because the differences are quite big.

Mobile Betting

how to make a mobile bet on a sports matchToday mobile phones are used not only for texting and calling, but you can also browse the internet on a smartphone with touchscreen thanks to the rapid development in technology. This meant many online bookies needed to expand their services to the mobile market by creating mobile applications that let you access any markets that you would like to bet on even when you’re not at home.

Almost every respected bookmaker has a mobile app and they quickly became necessary for the companies that wanted to keep up with the modern trends. You can find our opinion on the best apps on the market in our mobile betting apps reviews section.

Live Betting and Streaming

The In-Play (or Live) market is developing rapidly and you should look for bookmakers who offer this option because not having it would be a big flow in our opinion. Many people are thrilled by the excitement that they can watch the event they’re betting on and it enhances the betting experience.

With Live Betting you can place wagers on football, horse racing and many other sports, even curling. That way betting becomes an interactive experience because you can actually see what’s going on. By that we mean Live Streaming which is also crucial for any bookmaker. The top companies have the resources to afford streaming events live and this is connected with the live betting. In most cases you only need a positive bank balance in your account or to place a bet on an event (this applies mostly to horse racing). You’ll see that sites without Live Betting and at least Audio Commentary aren’t high on our charts. Watch free sports events via our live streaming schedule section.

The Good and the Bad side of Betting

what are the pros and cons of sports bettingLet’s see what signs we need to be aware of when we choose an online bookmaker. Not everyone out there is looking out for your best interest because of greed and money, so you have to be careful when making your choice. There always will be companies who are trying to scam you, but thanks to the internet you can always do a background check on them and avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

You should really look out for bookmakers who have a bad reputation on the internet or you spot that their terms and requirements are looking dubious and limiting their payout to a really small amount. It’s better to do some research before deciding who to trust your money with. We recommend that you check our unbiased reviews and then make a choice because we always consider both the positive and negative side of each bookmaker that we review.  If you still can’t find a legitimate bookie or have some doubts about a certain company, here are some important things that you should check to see if they’re worthy of your trust:

A bookmaker is good when they have…

  • Simple interface that is easy to navigate
  • Many bonuses and promotional offers
  • Easy bet placement
  • Live Betting and Live Streaming
  • Many sports and markets

A bookmaker is bad when they have…

  • A slow website
  • No bonuses
  • A hard to navigate website
  • No special options
  • Small range of markets

Outstanding features of the major bookmakers in UK

which are the best betting sites in great britainThe best betting sites in UK are known for their excellent customer service, products of the best quality and reliability. These betting sites have a strong reputation in the market. The UK betting sites that are offering their service in other countries are governed by the rules and regulations of the respective countries. Those who choose the sports betting sites should ensure that the betting site that they select is reliable as well as well established and that the deposits made by them are 100% secured. The reputed betting sites in UK provide betting facilities for all popular sports of Europe in general and Great Britain as well as Ireland in particular. The sports offered by these sites include tennis, soccer, cricket, darts, basketball, baseball, athletics, volleyball, football, golf, Ice Hockey, motor sports, rugby, etc. The best betting sites in UK also cover the major sporting events of North America in hockey, football, basketball and baseball. Betting lines are offered by them for events such as NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB or all traditional US and Canadian sports.

In-play wagering, betting on horse-racing

The reputed betting sites in UK provide money-lines, point spreads and three-way betting lines for all major sports. In addition, they offer facilities for props wagering and future betting on team sports and various major sporting events. For the major events, these betting sites provide live in-play wagering also. Apart from all the above mentioned sports, the best betting sites in UK offer betting on horse-racing. The top betting sites bring under their coverage the daily horse-racing events that take place in UK, Ireland, US, South Africa and Australia. For the most superior horse racing events such as the US Triple Crown, rand National and Royal Ascot, the top brand bookmakers provide dedicated extensive coverage and promotion.

A lot of benefits to the players

what makes online sports betting beneficialTop sports wagering sites in UK offer promotions and incentives to all their customers – existing as well as new. The players can also combine wagers even on the sports that they normally do not play, thanks to the Cross Promotions. The most reputed sports gambling sites in UK also provide the players the opportunity to try their chances at casino games and poker also. The new players are encouraged by offering exciting welcome packages that include deposit bonus and free betting chances. The best deposits options like credit card, debit card or by PayPal. All UK betting brands accept Visa, Master Card and numerous brands of debit cards. For making withdrawal, the players have various options such as paper cheques by mail, direct withdrawal to credit card or debit card, etc. The physical betting shops of these sites enable the players to have online voucher. They can cash the voucher in person over the counter at the betting shop.

Those who choose any one of the best bookies in UK are assured of the most awesome as well as exciting sports betting experience. See more at our infographic of top 10 betting sites and free bets.

Who are we? has everything that you need in order to succeed at betting. If you’re a novice at betting and looking to open an account, here you can find best bookmakers reviews in uk and lists of different bookmakers around the world. They can help you to pick your preferred bookie and start betting right away.

which are the best sports betting offers onlineWe have explained the currency and deposit options that the different bookies have, so after you read those articles you’ll know what to do.

After you’ve chosen your betting site, you can grab free bet offers from different bookmakers. We also have something for you if you’re a fan of mobile betting. Here you can find the best mobile betting apps we recommend for you to use. You can also find mobile betting apps reviews, which tell you what each application can offer you. It doesn’t matter if you use Android, iOS or some other OS, here you’ll find the best application for you mobile device.

If you’re an advanced better, you can also find helpful stuff at We offer free betting tips for Serie A, Premier League , Bundesliga, Championship, Champions League and the Europa League. You can compare odds that the bookies will give you and select where you want to bet.

You can visit our social channels at the bottom of the page to stay updated with latest gambling news.

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