Adam Lallana apologised to Klopp for the late miss at Etihad

Adam Lallana, the midfielder for Liverpool apologised to Klopp after his miss in the Reds’ 1-1 draw versus Manchester City on the 19th of March. The athlete had a chance to give his side an advantage in the final quarter of the game after Roberto Firmino set him up. However, the 28-year-old England International fluffed … read more.

Antoine Griezmann may move to Manchester United after all

Antoine Griezmann is being urged to consider to move to Old Trafford in the summer to enhance his value and become a big brand like his colleague Paul Pogba. The team’s midfielder is currently considered to be the largest shirt seller in the football world. Moreover, the CEO of Prime Time Sport, Esteve Calzada, thinks … read more.

Antoine Griezmann will not leave Atletico Madrid in the summer

Antoine Griezmann has been linked several times with a move to Manchester United in the summer. Jose Mourinho has been wanting to add the striker to his team since they have been having troubles with scoring during this season. Manchester United have one of the worst shot conversion rates in the Premier League. Thus, Griezmann’s … read more.

Achilios discusses SKT T1 vs. KT Rolster match

I think that most of us expected SK Telecom T1 to win this game. However, now that the Telecom Wars are finally over, it looks like this event will define the entire LoL competitive scene until the rest of the season. Seth Achilios King was a guest to Gabe and Lisa who hosted The Nexus … read more.

Arsenal have 1-2% chance to eliminate Bayern Munich

Arsene Wenger insists that Arsenal still has an opportunity to progress to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, in spite of losing to Bayern Munich 5-1. However, Wenger reminded us of Paris Saint-Germain’s shock 4-0 win versus Barcelona as evidence that an almost impossible comeback is not entirely out of the question. The manager told … read more.

xPeke returned to Origen’s starting roster as support

Origen announced on Facebook that Enrique xPeke Cedeño Martínez will temporarily revert to the starting roster as the support. Additionally, according to Origen’s announcement, their former support, Aleksi Hiiva Kaikkonen has parted ways with the club as he declined a substitute position. The team’s current goal is not to keep xPeke in the starting roster … read more.
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