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Achilios discusses SKT T1 vs. KT Rolster match

I think that most of us expected SK Telecom T1 to win this game. However, now that the Telecom Wars are finally over, it looks like this event will define the entire LoL competitive scene until the rest of the season.

Seth Achilios King was a guest to Gabe and Lisa who hosted The Nexus podcast to discuss the SKT vs. KT match and had some insight on the games and their quality. He stated that he would say that he thinks that this game included the best Best of 3 he has ever seen from LoL. And if you watched the game you probably agree with him.

He added that whether it is the highest level or not, he is not sure if he can accept that. It is true that the first game was very SKT-sided, just like the second one was KT-sided, and the third one, well it was just really close. He thinks that the third game was incredible to watch. However, he certainly was not ready to commit saying that it was the highest level since there are several matches from SKT and ROX Tigers from 2016 which were even better.

However, Achilios did agree that both series definitely included the best games we have seen so far in season 7. He added that he thinks that both of the Telecom Wars will take the cake for a first and second place for the best games we have seen across all regions so far.

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