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Arsene Wenger Explained Why Bayern Munich Defeated Arsenal 5-1

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger stated that the reason for the humiliating loss against Bayern Munich was his side’s mental collapse. This is the Gunners’ second 5-1 loss to the Bundesliga leaders. Wenger told BT Sport that it is difficult to explain. He added that just before the half-time they had a good opportunity to score at 2-1. According to him they played well and came back. However, they conceded the second goal. Unfortunately, during the second half, they lost Koscielny too soon, who was at 1-1 and the entire team collapsed. Arsene Wenger stated that the whole team collapsed mentally and that he believes that Munich is a better team as they played in the second half. He congratulated Bayern for the good game, even though he believes that his side was unlucky. The manager added that he is not looking for excuses, but for an explanation. Wenger stated that his team was solid on the defensive, and that is quite tough. He said that it is a shock to lose in such manner at this level and that there is no need to mention that they did everything wrong, and the fifth goal showed that. He concluded stating that they were in control. However, in games like that they need something on their side and to be completely focused for 90 minutes. Wenger felt that the third goal was a killer for his players since they had no response after that. They will need time to recover to be able to focus on their next match.
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