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Top Asian Bookies For 2017 – Where to Gamble In Asia

which are the asia betting sites you should chooseDue to the recent economic boom in Asia, we are seeing that more and more reputable gambling websites are starting to appear there. Many big brands from all over the world are servicing one of the quickest growing online gambling markets in the world. Most of the bookmakers are licensed and regulated by European and Caribbean gambling jurisdictions, but the Philippines are starting to become an important destination for the gambling industry in Asia.

This article will show you how to find the best bookmakers who accept customers from Asia, and also how you can make deposits and withdrawals at your bookmaker.

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Asia has a huge population, so the fact that they have the biggest betting market isn’t a surprising one.  The market is currently undergoing many changes, so that’s one more reason why punters should do their research.

The focus amongst Asian gambling sites varies hugely, depending on the area that they service. Sports like soccer are always popular and will find an audience and bookmakers offer not only European or International leagues, but also cover national leagues and local events.

Baseball is extremely popular in countries like Korea and Japan, meanwhile cricket is India’s national sport. Unfortunately, North American sports aren’t represented as much as in Europe, but you will still find markets on American football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.

There are many betting options like handicap betting, total goal betting and three-way betting. You will find props and In-Play betting available for many of the big fixtures.

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Horse racing isn’t going to be found here as much as the European and UK bookies, but the bigger names will usually cover Europe, United Kingdom, and North America, as well as all the major events.

You will also find many deposit bonuses which will encourage you to go to the casino section more often.

Legitimate Asian Gambling Sites

Asia’s online gambling market is growing very fast, so you have to find the right bookmaker for you who will accept deposits in your preferred currency.

Many betting sites have services the Asian market over the years and they had to comply with national and local authorities if they wanted to meet the needs of the customers.

Recently, the Philippines became the favorite destination for licensing and regulation of gambling websites because of the huge development of the infrastructure there.

Other Asian countries are also starting to deploy online gambling policies in order to improve the regulation of bookmakers around the continent.

how can you find legitimate betting sites in asiaOf course, there are brands that accept Asian customers and operate offshore which means they are regulated by authorities from the countries where they operate from.  A license from the respective regulator doesn’t mean that the bookmaker isn’t using unethical methods, but it’s always better to trust someone with a license than those who don’t have one.

Most of the good bookmakers have been running since more than five years, so we advise you to take that into consideration when making your choice because it’s difficult to stay in the business for so long if you don’t work hard and treat your customers safe over the years.

Another useful tip can be looking at the bookmaker’s gambling policies and customer service. Ideally you would like to have a quick contact method with the bookie if you face a problem or just have a question about deposit and withdrawal methods.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals at Asian Gambling Sites

High-reputation Asian bookmakers will often provide their customers with many methods that they can use to deposit money into their account. The most popular payment options are credit and debit card.

You can also use E-wallets like AsiaPay and Skrill to transfer money from your bank or credit card account. Some of the better bookmakers will probably accept deposits from your MasterCard or Visa card, but this can depend on where your location is and where was the card issued.

Of course, after you’ve made some successful bets, you probably would like to withdraw your winnings. There are a couple of ways this could happen. The most popular one is the same method that you used to deposit the money into your account in the first place. This means that if you topped up your account by using a bank transfer, that’s the same way you will receive your winnings. The same can be said for whichever method you choose.

what are the deposit and withdraw options at asian sites

The withdrawals from Asian bookmakers are incredibly fast and most of them offer direct bank withdrawals which you can receive on the next business day most times.

Having one of the faster growing betting markets in the world, Asia is offering many sports both from the continent and the world. Here are some of the betting features that they offer to their customers:

  • Mobile Gambling – Considering how many people use mobile phones in Asia, it’s no surprise that Asian bookmakers are considered as mobile betting specialists. The best mobile website that you can find depends hugely on the operational system that you use, so we recommend checking out our Mobile App section for more information.
  • Live Betting – You will find quality in-play platforms provided by Asian bookies. They allow you to place a wager while the event is currently taking place. Some of the most popular sports for live betting are tennis and football, but in websites like Bet365 you will also find many others like cricket, volleyball, handball, badminton, and basketball.
  • Betting Markets – It’s always a good thing when a gambling website offers a wide variety of markets to the users. Some of the gambling sites have basic features like 1X2 or Asian Handicap but lack others such as over/under on cards, first goal scorer, and others.
  • Bookmaker Margins – This is the biggest advantage that Asian bookmakers can offer to their customers. The odds on even matched games are 1.95 which is bigger than the 1.91 that European bookmakers offer. That’s the main reason why so many European punters use Asian bookmakers like 188bet.

Banned Gambling Websites in Asia

why are some gambling sites banned from asiaChina was one of the first countries on the continent to start censoring the internet through DNS redirecting, so it isn’t surprising that you can’t access some of the gambling sites if you are located there. The same can be said about Korea and Vietnam. The censorship in Vietnam is only partial and you can still enter a couple of gambling websites. In Indonesia and Malaysia only criminal and political pages are being blocked.

If you want to avoid those restrictions, your best bet is to order a Singapore VPN.  The biggest mistake you can make is using US servers. They have very strict laws regarding online gambling and most of the Asian bookmakers won’t accept customers from there. If you try to enter the website using an American IP, they will think that you are from there and probably won’t let you access. We think that Singapore is a good choice because they only censor political issues or porn. The country supports gambling and even has a betting site called Singapore Pools.

VPN isn’t illegal in most countries, so you don’t have to worry so much. We are no legal experts and this should be considered only as our opinion and not legal advice. For more information, check out the laws of the country you are currently in.

Betting Odds and Their Formats

As you probably know by now, there are different kind of odds around the world. The most popular ones are Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds and American Odds. Asian bookmakers also have different odds like Malaysia Odds, Hong Kong Odds and Indonesia Odds. Of course, the actual odds still remain the same, it’s just that they’re shown differently. For example, if you bet 1000 of a currency of your choice on 2/1 odds and you win, your profit will be 2000, but the odds may also appear as:

Type Odd
Fraction Odds 2/1
American Odds +200
Decimal Odds 3.00
Indonesian Odds 2.00
Malaysian Odds -0.50
Hong Kong Odds 2.00

It doesn’t matter which odds you choose, the winnings will still be the same. We can also show you what the odds will look like if you bet 1000 and your profit is 500.

Type Odd
Fraction Odds 1/2
American Odds -200
Decimal Odds 1.50
Indonesian Odds -2.00
Malaysian Odds 0.50
Hong Kong Odds 0.50

We recommend using decimal odds as they seem like the most simple option and if you haven’t used any of the other options, we don’t think there is a reason to start learning them now. Most reputable bookmakers that we know offer decimal odds who are also called European odds. You can find them listed in the settings under different names such as DEC, EUR, Decimal and European.

By using decimal odds you can find out how much your payout is by multiplying the stake and the odds.  This means that if you bet 100 on 2.00 odds, your payout is 200 and the profit is 100 with the stake also being 100.

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