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Betstars Intend to Close the Gap on Sports Betting Competitors

The Chief Executive of Operations Rafi Ashkenazi in Amaya Incorporated, praised the competence and work his company recently did, and mostly Betstars’ new sports betting division. He stated that the organisation delivered on its goal to create a competitive sportsbook online.

The Betstars division currently seeks to challenge the established legacy bookies and will be led by MD Zeno Osskó, because Amaya wants to close the product gaps with their competitors.

The official launch of the company was in 2015, and the CEO is pleased with the products and their effective sports betting crossover strategy. It has helped the organisation offset sodden poker yields. After a year of activity in the Betstars division, the company’s product diversification strategy was backed up by their CEO.

Amaya chose not to give details about their specific product breakdown for their sports betting; they stated that in the 2016’s Q3 when the newly combined the sportsbook and casino products had comprised approximately 24% of revenue for the company, unlike the 15% back in 2015.

After closing the full-year 2016, the Chief Executive of Operations will give more details about their sportsbook improvements and will focus on their user engagement.

The company is currently expecting to achieve growth by continuing to improve their sportsbook offering, as well as, functionality and user experience particularly on mobile devices in order to achieve equality with their industry peers and, of course, to deliver local experiences to their customer base and improve their monetization cycles and cross-sell abilities. They also want to achieve possible customer acquisition.

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