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Rating the Best Bingo Sites in the UK and Their Features

Many Brits enjoy playing bingo in their free time, so we decided to show you the best bingo sites in the UK. New online bingo rooms are constantly being created, which makes some of the newer players very confused. We feel that there isn’t a lot of information on the Internet for bingo players, so we decided to create this page.

Here you will find all the information you need about the best winning bingo sites. We went through more than one hundred different websites to find the best ones for you. However, we’re not only going to show you the top online bingo sites, but we’re also going to teach you how to find them yourselves.

All online punters should have the skill of recognising dangerous gambling websites because there are a lot of places where you can get scammed online. Anyway, if you’re not interested in that, then simply take a look at our reviews and choose one of the recommended websites. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in the end.

Top 5 Online Bingo Sites

Bingo Bonus Features Grade Link
Mecca Bingo Review
£40 Free Bonus
Ideal for low stakes players
Refer a friend and get £20 bonus
Wink Bingo Review
Deposit £10, Play £47
50+ of the best slot games
VIP Club with birthday treats and more
888ladies Review
Deposit £10, Play £40
£500,000 daily winnings
Different variations of bingo available
Gala Bingo Review
£30 Welcome Bonus
Variety of international lotteries
The company operates since 1926

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How We Rank the most Trusted Bingo Sites

How do you rate the Best Bingo operators?Some of the review sites on the Internet consider only the welcome bonuses when ranking bingo websites, but we take a lot of additional factors into consideration, for example, security, customer support, reputation, payment methods, and many others.

If there is a website that we consider to be not safe, then we exclude it from the rankings. Our readers can be sure that the bingo sites listed here are secure.

Benefits of the UK Online Bingo Operators

Just like any other thing in this world, there are both positives and negatives to using internet bingo sites. In the past, a lot of websites simply refused to pay out your winnings, but fortunately, the times are now different, and these sites are extinct.

However, we wouldn’t want you to make the same mistakes as we did, so we are recommending you the top online bingo websites in the UK that are licensed by a reputable organisation. Here are the main factors that we consider when reviewing a bingo website:

License and Security

No matter what site are you using, when there’s money involved, the first thing you have to worry about is safety and licensing. Our recommendation is to always play at licensed bingo rooms. British punters should check if the UK Gambling Commission authorises the site.

If a bingo website has a license in a country like Malta, Gibraltar, or similar islands, but the UK Gambling Commission has not authorised it, then it’s best to avoid that particular website. The Commission has very strict standards, as it should be. The bingo rooms need to show that they are fair, transparent, and in good standing. That way the customers can feel protected because the site is subjected to many rules and regulations. Of course, all of the bingo rooms listed on the current webpage of TopBettingSite are licensed by the Commission.

Game Variation

Is the rich game variation the most important factor?Even though security is arguably the most important feature, most people use bingo rooms for entertainment, which means that the bingo games are also crucial. After all, the main reason for creating an account at the top bingo sites is to play.

If a website thinks it’s “the best online bingo site in the UK”, then it needs to have a lot of free games for users to try out, as well as having a wide selection of games.

The best bingo rooms in Britain have new games like Video Bingo and 80-ball. Other hybrids like Joker Jackpot are also interesting. As you can see, there are always new bingo games coming out, and we expect from the best online bingo websites sites in the UK to have them.

Betting Requirements

Most people get swayed by the huge welcome bonuses, but you should always consider the wagering requirements attached to them. Each promotion has different terms and conditions, but most of the times you have to notice three things – the games on which you can make your qualifying bets, the validity of the bonus, and the betting requirements.

Most websites give out bonuses only for specific games, so it’s always worth it to read the terms and conditions of the bonus. There is also a time period for you to make your qualifying bets, and if you haven’t cleared all of the requirements, then you lose the bonus. Lastly, the number of times that you must play through your bonus and deposit is probably the most important thing about the bonus. We advise beginners to look for websites that require you to rollover the bonus amount no more than 2 or 3 times.

Bonus Offers

Do bingo gamblers in the United Kingdom use Bonus Offers?More than three million gamblers in the United Kingdom play bingo, so the demand for the game is immense. There are a lot of websites out there that are competing on the Internet for customers, so they need to provide more things than engaging games and smooth software. That’s where the bonuses come in play.

The welcome bonus is the best way to attract new customers because everyone wants free money. There are different kinds of bonuses such as the no-deposit, matched, and sometimes even scratch cards or free spins. We take all of these things into account when we do our reviews of the top bingo sites.


Some of you probably are familiar with the term RTP (Return to Player). The higher the RTP, the bigger profits for the player. RTP is also another factor that comes into play in our reviews. RTP is mostly used in casino websites and online slots because it’s difficult to calculate it for bingo. You need to consider variables such as the number of tickets bought for a game, the ticket price, and the fixed prize pots. There aren’t a lot of websites that provide their customers with the RTP rates, mainly because they don’t have the required data. If they do, we make sure to include it in our reviews.

Payment Methods

Most gambling websites provide their customers with the opportunity to choose between different payment options. The most used ones are credit and debit cards, but not everybody decides to go with them. Many people prefer pre-paid vouchers like Ukash and Paysafecard for their deposits because they are a quick way to transfer money into your gambling account.

E-Wallets have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and companies like Neteller, Skrill, or PayPal provide excellent services for punters who don’t want to link their credit card directly to a gambling site. The problem with some of these alternative methods is that not all of the sites accept them, so you need to check that before creating an account.

Gaming Software

Why many bingo players pay little attention to the software?Many punters don’t pay attention to the software when they play bingo, but it’s a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Some of the most well-known software providers are companies like Dragonfish and Cozy Games. They have received numerous awards by independent organisations, so they get a special mention from us as well.

Things like promotions, bonuses, payment methods, and game variety all depend on the software that a bingo room uses. The same can be said about the functionality of the website.

You can also find things like networks which contribute to joined prize pools and united promotions. If a gambling operator has a lot of sister sites, then the players almost certainly benefit from this. However, that doesn’t mean that standalone sites aren’t great.

Fairness and Random Outcomes

One of the main things that bingo rooms should provide is the integrity of their games. The way you can check that is by learning more about the Random Number Generator of the site. It’s a software that makes sure that the outcomes of the games are decided randomly, and the website can’t manipulate them.

If a site doesn’t have an RNG, then there is no point playing there because they could easily rig the games. The random number generator is usually audited by an independent organisation so that people can be sure everything is fair. We check for the required certificates that should be present and mention them in our reviews.

Security and Audits

All betting websites need to have encryption technology in place; otherwise, there is no guarantee about the safety of monetary transactions. There are agencies approved by the UK Gambling Commission that can perform audits and give certificates to the gambling operators and their sites. Before, SSL (secure socket layer) encryption was the only way to go, but now there is also TLS. There are two forms of encryption – 128bit and 256bit. It can be partial, or it can cover the whole website.

Partial encryption is responsible only for the registration process, banking, and the bingo lobby. Thanks to it, no third party can get a hold of your private information. Examples of the testing agencies that you can trust are GLI, eCOGRA, and iTech Labs.


Mobile device usage for online bingo has reached a major height!Nowadays, mobile device usage is at an all-time high. Phone manufacturers are producing bigger and faster smartphones, so gambling software developers always have to keep up with them by building quicker apps compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.

Most of the times, the games need to be adapted so that mobile users can play them as well. Some of the best websites in the UK try to offer the same games both for desktop and mobile versions of their site.

Even though mobile applications are usually quick, if you have too many on your phone, they can slow it down and hog up memory. That’s why some gambling operators have a mobile version of their website that can be accessed by the phone’s browser, which means you don’t have to download any apps. Regardless of the decision that the developer has made, it’s always great when you can access a bingo website from your mobile device.

Loyalty Schemes

The best bingo websites want not only to attract new users, but also to retain the current ones. Due to the enormous competition in this industry, huge welcome bonuses are not enough. If you don’t have luck when you’re gambling, it doesn’t matter how big the bonus is. A lot of the time, people simply switch websites after they have used up all of the promotions.

Bingo gaming websites offer Loyalty Schemes at VIP clubs!That’s why gambling websites created VIP clubs that offer customers rewards in exchange for points. Some of the perks when you climb tiers include exclusive games and promotions, personal account managers, and special offers.

You receive loyalty points for each ticket that you buy, and it’s important for the casino that the process of converting them into prizes is as intuitive as possible.

One of the biggest advantages that the best websites in the United Kingdom have over some of their competitors is that they offer prizes that don’t have a lot in common with the game bingo. For example, you can find things like family holidays, dinners, shopping vouchers, and day trips.

There are even sites that go to the extreme and offer laptops, phones, TVs, and even cards to their VIP customers. Even though loyalty schemes aren’t a necessity, we certainly take them into consideration when writing our reviews.

Responsible Gambling

Every gambling operator must have a section with advice for players who have a gambling addiction. They are in cooperation with different NGOs in order to promote responsible gambling. You should be easily able to find the information, and it needs to have helpful advice such as support groups and ways to restrict your gambling habits. It’s also important that the website has a way to verify the age of their users to prevent minors from using it.

Customer Support

It’s always nice to know that you can count on the support team if you need any help or have some questions that need answering. The top bingo sites in the UK always pay a lot of attention to customer support by providing training for their employees who must be able to give useful advice in all kinds of situations.

The best bingo sites have a lot of ways that you can contact them such as via phone, email, or live chat. There should also be a FAQ section where gamblers can quickly find information for the most frequently asked questions themselves.

However, arguably the most important thing here is the response time. We noticed that websites who don’t focus only on bingo but have other casino games available, generally respond quicker and have better FAQ sections, although there are some exceptions.


Most people don’t understand that online bingo has a social aspect! Even though most people don’t think about the social aspect of online bingo websites, it’s still and important factor. We believe that things like forum discussions and blogs can enhance the gambling experience a lot. That way you can simultaneously gamble and follow the latest news, sharing recipes, and life hacks. There are also the Twitter and Facebook pages where you can find freebies and special offers. Some of the top online bingo sites offer their customers exclusive promotions if they tell their friends to join the site and play with them.

Bingo Slots and Other Games

We understand that this may not be a priority for many punters, but it’s always nice to have different games from which you can choose. Slot games are primarily known for their huge payouts, and as far as we are aware, people like to win. That’s why so many of them enjoy playing slot games with huge jackpots. Of course, that’s not the only reason why we have bingo slots. You can also chat while playing bingo and spinning slots.

If a bingo site has a wide variety of games, huge jackpots, and a lot of bonuses, then it receives a high score from us most of the time. If you can wager the regular bonuses on casino games and slots, then it’s even better. However, you should always keep in mind with the different rollover requirements when dealing with bonuses.

How we Rate the Best Sites

How gamblers rate the best internet bingo operators in Britain?At our website, you can find helpful tips, regardless whether you are an experienced gambler or not. When we write our reviews, we try to take into consideration all of the factors that were listed above. Then, we grade the websites according to these factors and calculate the overall score.

We try to test many different games and features, including the mobile version of the bingo operator. It’s also important to see how fast the withdrawals are, so if we get lucky and win something, we try to withdraw the money as well.

However, testing the website isn’t the only thing we do for our reviews. Our staff takes into consideration the opinions of other players on the internet, as well as if the website has won any awards. If a site has an additional feature that doesn’t fit into our categories, we give them bonus points. Even though we try to be as impartial as possible, these reviews are still our personal opinions, and they should only be used as a guide and an additional information source.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive a lot of similar queries regarding the best online sites, so we decided to copy the gambling operators and create a FAQ section. Of course, it’s difficult to answer all of the questions that punters may have, so we only chose the ones that were asked the most. You should also check the bingo site’s FAQ sections for further clarifications and if that doesn’t help, then send us a question, and we will try to answer it as quickly as possible./

What’s the number of legal online bingo websites in the UK?

We know of more than 300 bingo sites, and they continue to grow at an exponential rate. A gambling software development company will have more than one bingo website and will probably license a number of them as well.

Most bookmakers also have bingo sections, so the overall number becomes much bigger. Due to the game’s popularity, we see more and more bingo websites created each day. That’s why UK punters can’t complain about lack of choices.

Why are there so many no-deposit bonuses?

Can you find a lot of no-deposit bonuses at uk bingo sites?The main reason for the popularity of no-deposit bonuses is the fact that they are so small that most of the top-rated Online Bingo websites don’t lose a lot of money on them. However, there are numerous benefits, the biggest one being that they attract new customers and bring them one step closer to becoming loyal clients.

The finest online bingo websites in the UK aren’t concerned with players playing in real money rooms for free because that way they can see the game selection. Think of it as a tour of the website which has the goal of impressing potential customers.

Should you quit a bingo website that no longer has a license in the UK?

If the website has a good reputation and treats its customers fairly, the management team will contact you with more information about the situation and an offer to close the account. If you continue using their services, then you are doing so at your own risk and should be prepared to face the consequences. Not only is it illegal, but you lose all kind of protections that you would have otherwise gotten at a licensed site. Our advice is to avoid playing at those kinds of places at all cost.

Are you safe when using a gambling site and whose responsibility is your security?

We tried answering this question in the article, so this will be a summary of what we already said. You can recognise a secure bingo website by seeing if it’s licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If the Commission thinks that it deserves a license, then you should be fairly confident about it.

As for the second part of the question, there are many organisations approved by the Gambling Commission that have the task of making sure the websites are secure. The operators approved by these organisations have a seal of approval placed in the footer of their site. Some of the most famous agencies include iTech Labs, eCogra, and TST.

Can you win real money by playing for free?

Would you try to win real cash by playing for free?You can if the website you’re using has a no-deposit bonus, which means that you receive money to play their games. Sometimes you will find rooms where you are allowed to play for free during a particular time period. After you create your account, you get to use the newbie rooms for around a week and play on the house.

However, if you’re thinking about earning a wage by playing free bingo, then we would suggest lowering your expectations.

The website doesn’t allow you to register even if you don’t already have an account?

Sometimes you won’t be able to create an account at the top-rated bingo sites because there is another member in the network who has taken your username. If you get this message, then you should simply get in touch with the customer support team, and they will fix the issue.

Why are there a lot of negative comments in forums about bingo websites?

The people who write posts in bingo forums are the disappointed punters who are looking to warn others. You won’t see people who are happy with the services visiting forums and writing about how great a bingo website is.

Of course, it’s always possible that someone isn’t well informed about the wagering requirements and withdrawal policies, so they decide to write a bad review of the website online. That’s why you should always be careful when reading forums and consider all the possibilities before jumping to a conclusion.

Should you go for a busy or an empty room?

Should the players choose an empty or a busy bingo room?The answer to this question depends hugely on your playing strategy and the opponents that you want to face at the top-rated online bingo sites. If you’re playing bingo just for fun and want to chat with people, then it’s always better to go for the busier rooms. However, if winning is your only goal, you need to be more careful with your choices.

Even though having more players means having a bigger jackpot, the odds of you winning it become lower. That’s why you should pick popular websites and play the weaker hours of the day when everybody’s at work.

Final Verdict

There is a lot of information that you need to digest before delving into the bingo world. The most important thing to remember is to use websites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are regulated by respected agencies. That way you at least know that even if you don’t win a lot of money, your private information and bank accounts are safe.

When it comes to choosing one of the top-rated bingo sites, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you feel too overwhelmed, then simply take a look at our reviews of the finest bingo sites in the UK. You will surely find a place with a lot of exciting games, big jackpots, and many running promotions.

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