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Bookies Are Making a Final Plea to the Government

The United Kingdom’s bookmakers are making a last-ditch appeal to the Government during this weekend to stop the restraint on the high-staked wagering machines, stating that it might result in hundreds of betting shops to close. Several local councils, gambling pressure groups, and even rival gambling operators have asked for smaller stakes as well as prizes on FOBTs. The gamblers can currently wager up to £100 on such machines on a single spin. The Government consultation on prizes and stakes will close later today, and they will consider changing the rules on all FOBTs, including casino games that offer a £20,000 jackpot on a £5 spin, seaside grabber crane machines, and even pub fruit ones. The bookmakers are currently only trying to maintain the stakes on the Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals, the another part of the industry is calling for higher stakes for all types of the machines. The amusement arcade trade body, Bacta, is asking for the prize in the crane games to be raised to £75 and a new type of terminal to be introduced, which will allow the bets of £10 to last for a longer time. They are also asking for contactless payments. The United Kingdom Beer and Pub Association is asking for an increase in the jackpots in fruit machines from the current £100 to £150. However, this article will focus mainly on FOBTs. Punters spend approximately £1.7 billion on a year and experts state that this may encourage problems. The size of submissions are currently expected to demand the largest stake on betting machines to be cut down to £10 or even £2 on a spin.
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