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Bookies Set Odds In Favor For A White Christmas

I do not know about you, but when it comes to the Holiday season, I am looking forward to a few days at home with the kiddos, a tonne of food and of course snow to set the mood.

We rarely get snow on the holiest of Christian holidays, but bookmakers seem to think that this will be the year!

The Met Office stated that there is significant chance for snow to fall on December the 25th in the United Kingdom. The weather will, of course, be updated closer to the date, but the latest outlook currently states that it will most likely snow over high ground in the north.

Yesterday the Met posted a statement saying that high pressure might dominate from mid-December, as well as slightly blocked conditions establishing across the United Kingdom.

One of the bookies that give odds is Ladbrokes, and they are offering 2/1 for it to snow in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. The odds get better for the southern regions such as Newcastle and Belfast with 3/1. London is currently at 4/1, Manchester and Liverpool at 5/1, and Birmingham and Cardiff come at 6/1.

Ladbrokes’ Jessica Bridge stated that Winter is coming and the odds will be falling as fast as the temperature is dropping, leaving the gamblers dreaming for a white Christmas.

Moreover, we could also be in with a freezing time next week with the possibility of temperature to fall below -10c somewhere in the United Kingdom at evens.

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