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Cloud9 Finalised Their LCS Roster

Cloud9 have finalised their LCS roster for the next season. Their current main jungler William Meteos Hartman is stepping off his position to Juan Contractz Garcia. C9 also announced a new sub top laner Jeon Ray Ji-won as well as an assistant coach, Jang Cain Nu-ri. Furthermore, the organisation announced that they had signed new deals with most of their current athletes. Zachary Sneaky Scuderi, Nicolaj Jensen Jensen, and Andy Smoothie Ta will play for Cloud9 for another 3 years, while their current primary coach Bok Reapered Han-gyu will stay another 2. Meteos and Jung Impact Eon-yeong will remain contracted with the organisation until the 20th of November 2017, according to the contract database of Riot. The announcement confirmed a report ESPN published earlier that Contractz will be joining the main lineup as well as that Ray would be a sub. The star jungler was previously part of C9 as a sub for their LCS roster as well as a member of C9C. Cloud9 Challenger made it into the LCS during the 2016 Summer Promo Tournament, where they dispatched the Team Liquid Academy. We cannot forget to mention the entry of Cain as one-half of the bottom lane for the NaJin Black Sword squad. They were Korea’s first seed at the World Championships during season 3. He left the organisation in fall 2015 and had been a coach for CJ Entus during 2016. Naturally, C9 grew during 2016 if we compare it to 2015 which was like a Worlds Cinderella story for them. They came 5th-6th during the spring split, but they managed to go to the NA LCS Season Finals and win the Worlds 2016 regional qualifier. There is no need to mention that C9 was the only North American team to make it to the quarterfinals of the World Championship, but they lost to Samsung Galaxy.
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