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Cheque Deposit Guide for Online Sports Betting

where to find online bookmakers who accept chequesHere you can find some of the best bookmakers which are willing to accept cheques as a payment method from their customers. They aren’t very popular because of the long processing times, but some people still use them.

List of Cheques Friendly Bookmakers Which Accept Them

Bookmaker Founded Jurisdiction Bonus Min. Bet Max. Bet Grade Review
2000 UK £100 in
Bet Credits
£5 Varies
Bet365 Review
2008 Gibraltar £30 £0.1 No max
888Sport Review
1999 United Kingdom £100 £2 No max
Betfair Review
1997 Malta £20 £0.01 Varies
Unibet Review

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Today punters are given so many payment options to choose from, like using credit and debit cards, bank transfers, or even e-wallets like Skrill or PayPal. If all of this isn’t enough for you, there are also voucher payment systems like UKash. The other payment option, which often gets neglected, is the cheque.

They are the oldest payment form and basically mean that your bank owes funds to a merchant. They are almost unused in today’s modern time and it’s unlikely that you will see someone filling out a cheque at the high street stores. Many people ask themselves the question, why would someone use this for online payments?

This will cost you so much time, because you have to write the cheque, then go to the mail in order to send it, and wait until it gets delivered so that the human resources employee can receive it and credit your account. Considering that there are so many services who will automate the process, it just makes no sense to use cheques nowadays.

If you really are determined to go through with this, check first if the bookmaker you are using even accepts cheques because not all do.

How to Use Cheques at Betting Sites

how can you use cheques at betting sites

As we said in the paragraph above, the first thing you should find out is if your bookie does accept cheque payments. Most of them will, but some won’t because it costs extra money and more workers.

If they do, all you need to do is send one. You need to look for the company name and then just fill out the cheque like you normally do. We recommend writing the account number of the bookmaker on the back of the cheque, so that if it gets separated from other documents that you send with it, there won’t be any problems. You can also send a covering letter in case something gets lost at the office. It’s also a good idea to write the cheque guarantee card number, but keep in mind that the cheque should be up to the value of the card if you want it to be guaranteed. The amount is usually around £100, but can get higher or lower, depending on your bank.

If you decide to use one of the websites from the list above, it will take around two days for the cheque to arrive and probably another day for the bookmaker to process it. After all of this is done, the bank will also need from three to five days to do its job. Remember, those are working days, which means that if you can wait up to a week and a half before the money gets deposited in your account.

After you know all this information, you are probably thinking why should I use a cheque if the processing times take so long, and you are right. Because of credit cards, most banks don’t give out cheque books, so if you have a debit card, we recommend using it instead and the deposit will be instant.

Cheque Online Security

which are the main features of a security chequeWhile cheques are not actually an online payment method because you write them and send them through the mail, there aren’t any online security requirements for them. You still have to be careful when writing one, because criminals can learn much information about your from it.

First of all, it has your name, account number and the bank’s sort code on it, plus the cheque guarantee card if you wrote it. You should put the cheque in sheets of blank paper before it goes in the envelope so that you can’t tell by holding it what is inside it.

If you don’t write cheques very often, you should probably know that writing “only” after the sum can save you a lot of problems if an immoral person decides to write a couple of zeros behind the amount.

When comparing online payments with sending a cheque through the mail, we think that both are equally safe.

Cheque History

It is one of the oldest payment forms and has been around since the banking system.

what are the ways to make an online cheque depositIn the beginning, the cheques served as a form of banking and went by the name of drawn notes. Regardless what they were called, a cheque is basically an instruction for your bank to make a payment to someone.

In order to prevent fraud, cheques were printed onto special paper and were numbered. That’s the main reason why we call them that.

In the 19th century, only important people received chequebooks so that they didn’t have to go to the bank.

Cheque Associated Fees

Since cheques have become almost antique, there are rarely any fees involved, but we recommend using other and more convenient payment methods.

Other Deposit Methods

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