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Getting Started at the Best Entropay Betting Sites

check what the entropay betting sites can offerIn this section, you will find the best betting sites which will accept your EntroPay card as a paying method.

Your account at EntroPay is basically a prepaid Visa one which you can use at different bookmakers and online shopping. This method can be very beneficial because you use a prepaid account and not a credit line, which means that you won’t overspend when gambling on the internet or shopping at different websites.

Bookies which accept EntroPay

If you are planning on using Entropay as your preferred payment method, here is a list of bookmakers who will suit your needs.

Bookmaker Founded Jurisdiction Bonus Min. Bet Max. Bet Grade Review
2000 UK £100 in
Bet Credits
£5 Varies
Bet365 Review
2008 Gibraltar £30 £0.1 No max
888Sport Review
1999 United Kingdom £100 £2 No max
Betfair Review
1997 Malta £20 £0.01 Varies
Unibet Review

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How to use EntroPay at Betting Sites

Before you start betting, you will need to open an account at EntroPay and then depositing cash into with thanks to your credit or debit card. Then you will receive a number which can be used in many websites who accept Visa cards. The money that you deposit are taken from the EntroPay account and then you can charge it again instantaneously with a debit or credit card.

how can you bet with the entropay visa cardThere are also some rewards that you can get from different online merchants like cash that is paid back into your account.

It’s always good when you can deposit money into your account without waiting and because this is a prepaid account you don’t have to provide any personal information or go through a credit check. It’s also unlikely that you will overspend because you can only use the funds that you have in your account.

When you create your account, you can also qualify for a plastic MasterCard from EntroPay which is also a prepaid card like the Visa one, but you have the option to withdraw money with it at ATM automats. This means that you can use the card in any place where they accept MasterCard. You don’t have to enter any personal information and there aren’t any credit checks for your card.

EntroPay Online Security

Many people are concerned with their security when shopping or gambling online, and rightly so. Entro Pay are offering many security advantages to their customers, for example, you don’t have to provide details about your bank account every time you decide to shop online and all you need is your EntroPay account. This is not the case at all payment providers like PayPal who keep track of your bank record and credit card info, so you may want to consider giving EntroPay ago. You only need a prepaid Visa account to make online transactions and your financial information can’t get compromised.

Of course, you should always be extra cautious when shopping online or visiting top gambling sites. In order to do so, we recommend always checking the security certificate and if you have any doubts, find another website. If you decide to use a plastic MasterCard, always be careful where and when you use it and never lose track of it. If you use one of the bookmakers that we listed above then you should not have any concerns if they are safe or not.

is entropay an approved payment method

None of your personal information will be shared with merchants and it can’t be sold to third parties, which enhances security even more considering that the risk of fraud is bigger if more people have your details. All of the information you enter like login and money transactions are protected by a 128-bit encryption system so that no one can see them.

You password can’t be seen by employees of EntroPay, but they are stored and encrypted in their database by firewalls in order to ensure maximum security.  EntroPay employees will never ask you for your password and all of the suspicious emails should be reported to the administrators as “phishing” scams.

EntroPay History

EntroPay is a service which is run by the registered in UK company Ixaris Systems Limited. It was founded in 2002 and its main mission was to offer solutions for customers regardless of their credit history.

what is the history of the ixaris systems limitedEntroPay was introduced in 2003 as another payment alternative in places where Visa cards are accepted. Ixaris are operating under the Payment Service Regulations from 2009.

EntroPay Associated Fees

There are no fees if you want to create an account at EntroPay or have a virtual prepaid Visa card. For the process of charging your account from a debit or credit card, there is a fee of 4.95%. If you are receiving money then the charges are 1.95%. For transactions between EuroPay cards the fee is much smaller – £0.10. You will also have to pay a foreign exchange fee on purchases, which is 2%. Closing your account is completely free.

In order for the card and PIN to get delivered, UK customers have to pay £4.99. Withdrawals are charged with £1.25, a replacement card costs £4.99 and the issuing of another PIN number is £.99.

There is also a bank transfer fee of 3.95%, plus the payments made to a personal account aren’t free and their price varies.

EntroPay isn’t one of the cheapest options out there, but after you have created your account, the fees don’t look so scary. The starting charges are worth it when we see their security measures.


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