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Maestro Friendly Betting Sites Where You Can Deposit Through Maestro

which are the maestro card betting sites deposit optionWe, from TopBettingSite made a list of the best bookmakers that we have reviewed on our website who support paying with a Maestro card. The free bet bonuses are also included in the list below, so you can make a better comparison. If you want to learn more about the different bookmakers out there, check out our reviews section.

If you have a Maestro card and are wondering where to open an account, we recommend using Betfair because of the amazing bonus all new customers receive when signing up with them.

Online Bookies Which Accept Maestro Cards

Bookmaker Founded Jurisdiction Bonus Min. Bet Max. Bet Grade Review
2000 UK £100 in
Bet Credits
£5 Varies
Bet365 Review
2008 Gibraltar £30 £0.1 No max
888Sport Review
1999 United Kingdom £100 £2 No max
Betfair Review
1997 Malta £20 £0.01 Varies
Unibet Review

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The payments with a Maestro debit card are very common in the United Kingdom, and because it’s a debit card, you can transfer the money from your bank account to the website directly. You’ll see that there are just as many credit cards as there are debit cards, so payment methods should be a problem at most bookmakers.

This card is considered as a replacement for Switch cards and has become a standard debit card, currently accepted all over the world. If you have a debit card from your bank, odds are it’s probably going to be Maestro. These cards are very useful if you want to gamble with them online because it’s quick to transfer money and the deposits are instant as long as you have enough money in your account. Another bonus is the fact that you can withdraw your winnings effortlessly due to you card being connected with your bank account.

You don’t have to worry about your Maestro card not getting accepted because all of the bookmakers do due to its popularity.

How to Use a Maestro Card at Betting Sites

It’s easy to use the Maestro card for depositing money into your gambling account, but first you have to create one through the bookmaker’s website. This can be done simply by signing up when you enter the site by filling out the simple registration forms. After this, you should be ready to start betting.

which sites can you bet at with maestro cardThe next step is to deposit money into your account. You can do that by clicking on “deposit funds” or a similar option in the website of your bookmaker and you’ll be transferred to the page where you can make a deposit (view our list of deposit options). When choosing your card type, make sure to select Maestro and enter the correct card information. If the website you’re on begins with https:// and has a green padlock before it, it is secured and thus you can enter your details without having to worry. This means that making a payment is a safe option, as long as you make sure that you’re visiting the bookmaker’s official website.

Here are the details of you card that you will need to enter:
  • Your name which is printed on the card itself
  • The security number on the back of the card consisting of three numbers
  • The date your card expires
  • The number of your card

Sometimes you’ll be asked to enter the date your card was created. At the end, you can make a deposit with the desired amount. After all of that is filled out, simply click enter. Your gambling provider will check with your bank to see if you have enough funds and if you do, they will add the amount you deposited to the account.

Maestro Card Online Security                   

This type of card is considered pretty safe when it comes to transferring money from the bank to the bookmaker. There are many things that take care of security when you are in the website so that your personal information is safe.

is the online security of maestro card reliableYou will automatically enter SSL encryption mode when it’s time to enter the card details. Thanks to this mode, the information you enter can only be read by the website that receives them. Simply put, this information can’t be seen by anyone else except your bookmaker, which is great for your security.

All of the bookmakers who are licensed need to provide strict security measures when dealing with payments. This means that all of the cards details they have stored should be encrypted and only certain staff members can access that information, but even on that occasion, not only some details of the card are visible, for example the last four digits. Thanks to these security measures you can feel safe about your transactions. More about Maestro Card security features – here.

History of the Maestro Card

 The card made its first appearance in 1990 and currently is being distributed by almost all of the major banks. The card was originally planned to be a Switch card and even though the names are now different, they work the same way. Before there were two types of Maestro cards – one for the UK and one for international use. Now they are both combined and if you have a UK maestro card, you can be sure that it will function both abroad and in the UK.

how to use maestro card for online bankingThis card is the reason why Solo cards, which once were available in the UK, became extinct. Times have changed and some of the banks have actually started discontinuing the Maestro card because of the Visa Debit, the most notable bank that did that being HSBC, but you can still find Maestro cards in other banks. However, in the future it’s expected that most banks will do the same and the Maestro Card will disappear and will get replaced by credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

Fees Associated to Maestro Card

The Maestro Card is a debit card, which means that the money is being transferred from and to your bank and this shouldn’t require a fee, but some bookies still charge minor fees when you make a deposit or withdrawal. Luckily for you, the websites that we have recommended above do not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Usually the fees vary from 1% to 3% and they depend on the bookmaker that you are using, but the Maestro Card is one of the cheapest options when it comes to using it for online gambling.

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