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How and Where To Use Your Switch Card For Betting Online

where to use switch for online betting depositsOn this page, you’ll find information about using your Switch card to bet online. We’ve also provided a list of all the bookmakers who accept this card and if they charge any fees or not.

Bookies which accept Switch cards

Bookmaker Founded Jurisdiction Bonus Min. Bet Max. Bet Grade Review
2000 UK £100 in
Bet Credits
£5 Varies
Bet365 Review
2008 Gibraltar £30 £0.1 No max
888Sport Review
1999 United Kingdom £100 £2 No max
Betfair Review
1997 Malta £20 £0.01 Varies
Unibet Review

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Switch cards are considered a safe way for you to transfer money from your bank account into your online account. If you want to see if there are any hidden dangers that you should look out for, keep reading the article.

How to Use a Switch Card at Betting Sites

Switch cards are often supported amongst online bookmakers and are very easy to use. The process is fairly similar to using a MasterCard or Visa, and if you have used the Switch card for online purchases then it shouldn’t be a problem. The required information is:

  • Your name the exact way it is written on the card
  • The card number which is located in the middle part
  • Expiration date
  • The day when the card was issued and the number

which are the best types of switch cards to bet withThe Switch card doesn’t have a verification security number like the Visa ones, so that’s why you need to enter the issue date and number of the card.

In addition to this information, you’ll probably need to enter your address and contact details. After you enter the amount you would like to deposit, there might be a slight delay because the Switch card is a debit card and the bookmaker will check your account to see if you have sufficient funds.

Switch Card Online Security

Nowadays the Switch cards aren’t very common because of the chip and PIN cards which are considered as more secure. You will be able to find some disguised as Maestro cards. The Switch card is still very secure and you won’t find any major differences between using it and the classic Visa or MasterCard. The only problem can be the fact that you have to provide almost all of the card’s details.

All of the bookies who offer their customers the option to pay with a Switch card have a SSL technology which means that the credit card information is secured and only you and the bookmaker can see the data. The top betting websites are required to provide significant security measures which are being regulated by outside agencies. This means that your data is safe with them.

how secure are you when betting online via switch Even though many people allow their bookies to keep a record of their Switch card’s data to withdraw their winnings, some prefer to use the option of entering their details each time they deposit or withdraw money.

You need to enter your card details when using Switch cards, but that’s not a reason to think they’re not safe. There are many security measures such as the issue date and number, and even if you have any problems, switch cards are being re-issued fairly easily by the banks.

History of Switch Card

The Switch card made its debut in 1988 which makes it one of the oldest debit cards in the United Kingdom.  Back then it was a very innovative way of transferring money from your bank account to the retailers, plus it could also be used as a cheque guarantee card. It was confusing to many people who preferred writing out cheques to using a plastic card.

Switch cards were first introduced by NatWest Bank, Midland Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. They lasted 14 years before the merger with MasterCard in 2002 which led to the creation of the Maestro card. This was made in order to promote the usage abroad, but many retailers could only accept Maestro/Switch cards that were issued in the UK, so people preferred using MasterCard and Visa.

Switch/Maestro cards are rare to be seen and they’re supported only by the really big companies who have a wide variety of payment options.

Switch Card Associated Fees

what are the fees for switch at the midland bankDue to the Switch card being a debit card, there are no additional transactions. Of course, it depends on your bookmaker, but usually the bookies try to make things easy for their customer, that’s why usually there aren’t any fees. However, the bank may sometimes charge the bookmakers themselves, but they’re happy to cover those extra fees.

This is valid for both deposits and withdrawals and if there isn’t an overall fee on withdrawals, then you can take your money without any charge. Before, some bookmakers had fees varying from 1% to 1.5%, but due to competition in the business they had to drop they and you can enjoy all of your winnings.

There’s usually a delay of 2-3 days when you have to receive your money, so don’t expect instant withdrawals with the Switch card. The same, however, cannot be said about the deposits which usually happen instantaneously and you can start betting at any given moment.

Credit and Debit Cards

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