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Esports Betting Outlook, League of Legends Championships Ended

The long-anticipated final match of the most popular online game’ Championships came to an end. The Korean machines SK Telecom 1 destroyed their competitor Samsung Galaxy in this year’s World Championship. The team took the cup for the third time and brought home over $2 million. Guess Faker will be chomping on Broccoli again. The American legends Cloud 9 did not disappoint their fans either, with the return of their incredible Jungler Meteos they managed to snatch $200,000 for their hard work and efforts. The best attack damage carry in the world after Gosu, Team Solo Mid’s Doublelift decided to take a break from the competitive play after the team’s bad performance and will not be part of the Spring Split. So we are basically in a small pause of the exciting matches. However the next two months we will also be quite impressive. So you may be wondering where in the eSports community to take your action now. We recommend Bet365 and Ladbrokes and here is why. Bet365 offers an amazing arsenal of esports betting action. They are one of the not so many bookies who offer markets on smaller tournaments. Ladbrokes, on the other hand, can offer you wagering possibilities on the upcoming Blizzard tournament. Continuing with the next games you can bet on. Even though League of Legend’s championship is over, there will be more matches soon. If you are not a LOL fan, in Counter Strike Global Offensive, you will be wager during the next five weeks as there will be $600,000 in tournament prizes. This month is the Blizzcon, so if you enjoy Heroes of the Storm, the prize is $1 million for the winner. There are also opportunities in Dota 2, Overwatch, Hearthstone 2 and Starcraft.
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