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Esports Will Become an Official Olympic Sport if Los Angelis Wins 2024 bid

Esports champions will start battling each other for Olympic medals in 2024 after the chairman of the 2024 delegation announced that he will do everything he can to make it happen.

3.6 billion people attended this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, which is over half the population. For a new and exciting sport, this will be an incredible opportunity for eSports as they can reach a global audience.

LA is currently one of the cities, which have been shortlisted for the 2024 Olympic games. If they are selected, they will become the only town, alongside London to host the Olympics 3 years. So their delegation directs its focus to the new change of rules, which allows them to select new sports, which are on a per event basis.

If you are an eSports fan, you most likely watched or attended the League of Legends 2016 Championships. If you are, you are aware that the venue of choice was LA’s Staples Centre, and that over 21k fans came to watch SKT T1 take home the trophy and a $5 million prize.

However, currently, Paris is the favourite for the bookmakers. Also the last time it hosted the Olympics was back in 1924. Budapest comes at the third place after LA. The capital of Hungary has never held the games before, and it was not selected either one of the five times they applied. If they succeed, they will become the first Eastern European County to host the Olympics since Moscow got selected in 1980.

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