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FA Charged Manchester City for Breaching the Anti-Doping Rules

The Football Association (FA) charged Manchester City for breaching the anti-doping rules. FA said that City did not make them aware of the club’s location, which is a direct violation of the rules as it is specified in FA’s guidelines. The governing body stated that Manchester City were charged about their Rules on Anti-Doping. Allegedly the club failed to ensure that the whereabouts of their club was accurate. The FA added that City have until the 19th of January 2017 to respond to the charge. The violation concerns only a single breach of FA rules and thus will not be acknowledged by WADA. A club is usually charged when they do not follow the said directive on three separate accounts. City will mostly likely face a fine if they decide to accept the charge.  However, if the club rejects the accusation they might be punishment. Thus, City will probably accept the charge and continue with a fine. In a nutshell rule, 14 by the FA states that All Clubs must supply The Football Association upon request with any location information the FA might require from time to time from any athletes who are not International Registered Testing Pool or National Registered Testing Pool. This information should include at least the training dates,  the duration of training, the address where the training will take place, and the home address for a Player. The FA may issue directions now and then about the type of location information to be presented by Clubs, and the time frame and the manner in which such details has to be presented. It will be a violation of rule 14 for a Club to fail to submit such details. It will also be a violation of rule 14 if the information that such reports contains is either inaccurate or the Club does not update it to make sure that it stays accurate.
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