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What are good places to do back and lay bets?

Back and lay bets are extremely popular in gambling and many people wonder where they can place them. That’s why we have decided to help you and make an article about this subject. After you’ve finished reading it, you will know about the best betting websites for back and lay bets, plus additional information about these types of betting (in case you don’t know).

Where you can place back and lay bets?

The conception of back and lay bets allows you to bet against other users, so if you place a back wager on a betting exchange, you are up against someone who has placed a lay wager on the same event. Here are the most popular websites that offer this feature:

Betfair – Our #1 for lay & back bets in the world!

befair is where you can place back and lay betsBetfair is probably the world’s biggest betting exchange which means they offer various betting markets and other gambling opportunities. They also have a great in-play console, so if you are unsure where to place your back and lay bets, Betfeir is a really good option. They also have a £25 opening bonus for new customers.


betdaq is where you can place back and lay betsBetdaq is known as the second best betting exchange, mainly because Betfair is more popular and has more customers. Betdaq offer a good amount of markets, but they are no match for Betfair. Still, they also have a great in-play feature and probably their biggest advantage is the £200 opening bonus for punters who have decided to make a new account.

What is a back bet?

If you are looking for a place to make back bets, you should know what exactly they are, so this question makes a lot of sense. The back bet isn’t much different from the regular one, in both cases you just wait for something to happen. It’s not a difficult concept to understand, so here are a few examples of back bets:how you can place back bets on the internet

  • Manchester City to win the Champions League
  • Nico Rosberg to win the German Grand Prix
  • Usain Bolt to win the next 100m race
  • Liverpool to qualify for the Champions League

What is a lay bet?

It’s equally important to know what a lay bet is, because you never know if you will like something until you try it. Lay bets are the opposite of back bets which means that you are betting on something to not happen. Many people can’t understand this at first, but it’s actually not so difficult. You have to imagine that you are the bookmaker in this case and someone is betting you.  We will give you some examples to clear things up:

what must you do in order to place a lay bet

  • England not to win the Euro Championship
  • Nico Rosberg not to win the British Grand Prix
  • Arsenal not to win the Champions League
  • Manchester united not to qualify for Europe

So, after you’ve read this article, you should know by now what back and lay bets are, plus we have given you some additional information on the best betting exchanges out there where you can place those types of bets which means by now you are ready to start placing bets.

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