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Is betting online legal in the UK?

Many people are wondering if betting online is a legal process in the UK. The short answer is yes, but you have to be older than 18 years old in order to gamble on the internet.

The laws are different in each country, so you have to consider specific things if you are currently living in the UK. We decided to help you and research the rules and regulations eligible in the UK. This article will answer all questions that you may have about the legal side of online betting.

Is betting online legal?

is betting online legal in the uk according to the lawIf it wasn’t legal, you wouldn’t be seeing the ads and websites dedicated to gambling. If you are thinking about placing a wager online on a sporting event or something else, don’t worry, because it’s legal and the police won’t come looking for you.

However, there is one requirement that you need to fulfill and that’s being at least 18 years of age if you want to bet in the UK. If you are under 18 the law doesn’t allow you to gamble, and rightly so, because minors can’t control their gambling. For anyone who is under 18 and is gambling, keep in mind that the betting website won’t give you your winnings. If you need more information on this subject, check out the article “Is there an age restriction for online gambling?”.

Who regulates gambling in the UK?

Online gambling in the UK is under regulation from the introduced in 2001 Gambling Bill which was passed into law in 2005. According to it, any online gambling website needs to possess a Remote Gambling License so that they can offer betting to their customers. You can see for yourselves that all of the websites that we recommend have this license. If you see a website which doesn’t, our recommendation is to avoid it at all costs.

The government body which is enforcing the Gambling Bill is called the Gambling Commission. They license online bookmakers and regulate them. Another part of their job is to help prevent gambling addiction.

Who should I use legal gambling websites?

why using a legal betting site is importantOne of the main reasons you shouldn’t use illegal gambling websites is that it leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of scams. You money can disappear at any given second and someone can get a hold of your payment details. That’s why you should always use a legal gambling website, a good place to start is by checking out our bookmaker reviews section.

What’s the situation in other countries?

The rules that we mentioned above don’t apply to countries outside of the UK, and in some of them, online betting may actually be illegal. That’s why you should check our page on gambling jurisdictions to see the laws in different countries.

Keep in mind the fact that online gambling is legal in the UK, but not in all countries.

Questions about safety and fairness

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