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Best Bookmakers for Live Betting

which are the best live betting bookmakersOnline gambling is popular mostly due to the fact that you can bet on sporting events and many ask themselves which are the best live betting bookmakers. Thanks to this page you can find the best sports betting website for you and make online gambling even more enjoyable.


#1 Bet365 – The best site for live betting

Bet365 is the most famous sports betting company, mostly because they can afford to spend a huge amount of money on advertising. Luckily, they are not only talkers, but their actions also support the words. Their live betting section is arguably the best one when you compare them to other bookmakers.  Here are some of the main features that they have:

  • Updated odds on all events.
  • A wide variety on live events which include both international football games and matches from more obscure leagues. More than 900 markets in Bet365 are available for live betting.
  • Thanks to the “Favorites” tab you can now go to your desired events with just a click of a button.
  • You can also find many events streamed live on their website so that you can make your bets as you watch the game.
  • The welcome bonus of £200 should not be underestimated.

why use the site of bet365 for betting in-play

#2 888Sport – Second best at live betting

888Sport aren’t in the first category of our detailed bookmaker reviews, but they still are a top quality sports betting site, especially when it comes to live betting. They are a trusted and respectable brand which is known all over the world, so you can imagine why many people use them for live betting.

  • A well designed In-Play section that is easy to use.
  • Big selection on bonuses and promotions.
  • Many sports and different betting markets available.
  • Huge range of deposit and withdrawal options, plus many different currencies available.

For additional information about 888Sport, we advise you to read our review on them by clicking here.

#3 BetVictor – Another great option for live betting

BetVictor is another great website that almost makes the list of the best bookmakers according to us. Their live betting section should not be underestimated, here’s why:

what are the features of betvictor for making in-play bets

  • Their website is very intuitive so that both beginning and experienced punters can navigate it easily. The “Favorites” tab is always helpful and enriches the gambling experience.
  • You are always notified which events are going to be available for live betting, but usually, most of them are, so that’s always a plus.
  • The top events include live commentary which means you can always know what’s happening and receive updates on the latest events.
  • A generous opening bonus of £25 welcomes all new customers.

If you are interested in learning more about BetVictor, check out their review here.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a basic idea of the best bookmakers for live betting. Thanks to all this information you can now decide for yourself which sports betting website suits you the most.

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