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Should I trust to online bookies?

People are often wondering if they should trust online bookmakers because there’s often a misconception that they are somehow unfair. The major bookmakers are reputable and will always pay out the winning bets, of course, there are always scammers who will try to steal your money, but you will be ok by sticking to the big names in the industry.

In this article, we will try to convince you why should you trust best betting sites and hopefully answer your questions about this edgy subject.

The bookmakers are big businesses

can you really trust online bookies nowadaysIf you browse the internet regularly, there is a pretty good chance that you have seen advertisements for online gambling websites. The most popular ones are Bet365 and their ads with Ray Winstone during football matches. Just imagine how much money they cost to make and then think about if some scam website will go that far just to steal your money. Another point to consider is that most bookies want to have a good reputation because that’s how they make money, so dozens of negative reviews from angry customers won’t do them any good.

That’s why we always recommend to our readers to sign up with trusted websites who have been a long time in the gambling industry and aren’t just a random website that you’ve never heard of. Good examples for reputable bookies are BetVictor (review) and Bet365 (read our honest review) who have been around for quite a while and you can be sure that they deserve your trust.

Bookmakers are always regulated

When it comes to bookmaker’s sites, there are always regulations which make customers feel safe when they sign up at the bookie. An example of an organization which is responsible for that is the UK Gambling Commission. Its job is to provide a fair and transparent environment and to make sure that the bookies comply with the laws. If they don’t, you can be sure that the bookmaker will lose their license.

The way to find the organization which regulates a bookie is to go to the bottom of the page of their website and look for the logo. The most popular governing bodies are:

Most people become uneasy when they see that a website is regulated outside of the UK, but there’s no need to be concerned, they are doing that due to tax reasons. This doesn’t mean that these websites aren’t secure or regulated.

Take a look at our bookmaker rankings

how ot search online for a secure betting siteYou will find all the information you need about bookmaker’s safety in our reviews. We try to be as unbiased as possible and this means that you can use them to decide which site you are going to join. Here is the current top 5:

All of these websites have a rating above 9.0 which means they are really good and you won’t make a mistake if you choose one of them. We all of your questions regarding safety were answered in this article or check the main page of FAQ.

Questions about safety and fairness

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