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FIFA is Investigating Suspicious Patterns in World Cup Qualifier

The qualifying group from England for the World Cup has been subjected to allegations of suspicious wagering. This happened FIFA flagged some out of the ordinary patterns during Malta’s loss to Lithuania three weeks ago.

This world governing body was informed about enormous sums of money being placed on that match, which took place during the same day England drew Slovenia. It was actually reported that syndicates staked millions that Malta would lose by two or more goals and there were reports that at least one of the betting-monitoring groups knew that Lithuania would win by that margin.

The first goal happened in minute 75, however, Malta had no shots in the entire match and had only about 35% share of possession. At this point, however, there is no evidence that the referee Jesús Gil Manzano, the team of officials or the players for that matter, have done anything wrong.

The current goalkeeper for Malta, Andrew Hogg, confirmed that his team was alerted before the match. However, he explained that he did his best and he has no idea why his co-players are being accused of cheating. He told the Sun “I have absolutely nothing to hide”.

After that match, Malta is sitting at the bottom of the qualifying group at the World Cup. They currently have no points from the first three games they played. England is in first place in Group F, and Lithuania is following them in second place.

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