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What were G2’s issues at IEM caused by?

The technical issues that Ki Expect Dae-han from G2 Esports faced at the LoL tournament in Katowice last weekend were caused by software that was installed on the player’s PC during the practice. This is the information that ESL gave us in an email.

However, this explanation does not address the claims from multiple G2 players, who were allegedly experiencing issues during the contest. The problems caused a delay in gameplay, specifically in G2’s semifinal games versus the ROX Tigers.

ESL’s communication manager Anna Rozwandowicz released a statement that said that Expect experienced split second fps since the beginning of the first match. The problem was not due to any of the equipment, but a software that was installed during the practice. According to her, after G2’s win, they removed the issue, and the PC was working perfectly.

However, G2’s owner Carlos ocelote Rodriguez claims that three of his players have been having issues since day one. ESL declined to comment on the nature of the software and also on who might have installed it. More tweets from ocelote mentioned that the solid state drives and the systems themselves were swapped to attempt to resolve the issue that the players were experiencing. Moreover, ESL declined to comment if someone might have installed the programme on Expect’s PC or if the players use their own hard drives.

The Vice President of Pro Gaming in ESL Michal mbCarmac Blicharz posted a comment on Reddit that suggested that the problem was not with the computer. Another comment by Carmac stated that his issue was with the installed software and that it remained on the SSD. Carmac also mentioned that other players’ issues such as Jesper Zven Svenningsen’s were minimal and were resolved very quickly.

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