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Get to Know Everything About Horse Racing in Australia

Horse racing in Australia is one of the most popular sports on the continent and there are only two sports which are attended by more people – rugby and Aussie football. You will find that Australia is the country with most race tracks in the world, so it is not surprising that the sport is so beloved there. One of the biggest events in Australian horse racing is the Melbourne Cup. Even though there are regulators for each state, the Australian Racing Board takes care of the organisational duties across the nation.

The History of Australia Horse Racing

Do you know when horse racing became a part of Australia?Horse racing was introduced to Australia when the British ships arrived and made the continent a European colony. There were rumours that some horses came with the ships, and others were imported shortly after. That meant that horse racing was one of the first sports in the country. The popularity of the game continued to increase, and in 1805 the first public auction of a horse took place.

The first official event regarding horse racing in Australia became fact in 1810 and was held at Hyde Park, Sydney. By then horse racing was a recognised sport. Later, it grew in popularity in places such as Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. In 1842, many racing organisations were created, including the Australian Jockey Club. Until the 20th century, the Australians had more than 200 racing clubs and a stud book.

However, Thoroughbred racing was introduced after more than one hundred years, but after that had become a fact, horse racing improved massively. Some of the most famous horses there were Makybe Diva, Black Caviar, Todman, Eurythmic, and Phar Lap. That led to the creation of many horse racing.

Biggest Horse Races in Australia

Which are the major horse racing events in Australia?Many large horse races are held in Australia, including the Australian Derby which takes places at the Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. Another favourite event is the Australian Oaks. The prize pool of the Australian Cup at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne can reach up to one million AUD. States usually have their own derbies, for example, the Victoria Derby, the South Australian Derby, and the Queensland Derby.

However, the biggest horse racing event in Australia is the Melbourne Cup. Its history dates back from 1861, and the prize pool is as vast as six million AUD, 3 of which go to the winner.

Regulations on Horse Racing in Australia

We mentioned that the Australian Racing Board regulates horse racing around the country, so all races should be following the Australian Rules of Racing. The state organisations are also called Principle Racing Authorities, and some of them include Racing Queensland, Racing Victoria, NSW Thoroughbred Racing Board, and the Canberra Racing Club. The Australian Racing Board is also responsible for regulating the Stud Book and the Registrar of Horses which are two separate organisations.

Betting on Australian Horse Racing

Why the Australian punters enjoy betting on horse racing? Australians love to bet on horse racing, so it makes sense that there are many bookmakers at the race tracks. People can participate in fixed odds or parimutuel betting. Totalisator Agency Boards are responsible for providing the latter, and even though the state-controlled these TABs, nowadays more and more of them become private.

A further prove of the large influence that betting has on Australian horse racing is the fact that you can gamble on racing events in bars. Most punters prefer doing their gambling online, and there is a huge supply of betting sites which offer horse racing betting to their customers. The easiest and convenient way to place wagers on horse races is through the internet because you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home.

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