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London Punter Bet £200,000 on a Donald Trump Win

A punter from London has wagered £200,000 on Donald Trump to be the next United States president.

The man, whom we will not name, can win £500,000 alongside his original bet if the Republican nominee beats Hillary Clinton in yesterday’s election. The enormous wager came after the bookies announced that this year’s election smashed the betting records. Moreover, more bets are expected to be placed than in the EURO 2016 finals, the Brexit Referendum and the Derby.

The bookmakers slashed the odds on a Trump win after a punter from Nottingham wagered £37,000 on the Republican Candidate to win. Since then customers have been placing six-figure bets on both of the candidates to win the race for the White House.

The wager was placed through the betting website Spreadex. William Hill also announced some massive sums being wagered on the same event, including a telephone client betting £150,000 on Clinton to become the first female president of the United States as well as a woman from Durham who placed a bet of approximate £184,000 on a Democratic win.

John Mappin, who currently owns a castle in Cornwall might take home £100,000 after placing over 30 bets on Donald Trump.

Ladbrokes also reported receiving massive bets, for example, the customer who staked £100k on Mrs Clinton and he will win 125k if the prediction is correct. The popular British sportsbook also shared that they receive approximately 35 wagers a minute as we wait for the results this morning.

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