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Meteos Moved from Cloud9 to Phoenix1

A Riot Games representative told that William Meteos Hartman moved from Cloud9 to P1 and is part of their starting roster.

On Thursday P1 announced on Facebook that Meteos has kindly agreed to be a substitute for their team on a very short notice. Moreover, they mentioned that he will replace their starting jungler Rami Inori Charagh during the team’s Week Five matches versus Team EnVyUs and Cloud 9. The Club stated that Inori had to travel home because of a personal matter.

Alex Rubens, who is Riot Games’ esports media relations lead, confirmed that Meteos was acquired by Phoenix1 in exchange for money. He stated that they purchased the contract from Cloud9. According to section of Riot’s 2017 North America LCS rules, players can be traded from one team to another in exchange for a payment or another consideration, as long as this does not violate any other of the company’s rules.

P1 did not respond to the request for comment straight away. Moreover, Meteos now appears on the club’s roster in the official LoL esports contract database.

It is quite possible that Meteos will be moved to a sub position after Inori comes back. However, according to section 4.1.6 of the rules, we mentioned above he cannot return to Cloud9 for three weeks.

Considering that P1 will be battling Cloud9 in one of their 2 matches during week 5, it is still not clear if a loaned player has the right to play versus his current club. However, since the trade is already confirmed by Riot, C9’s members are comprised of former teammates to Meteos.

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