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Our Comprehensive Review of Bet365’s Android app

In this review, you will find out everything you need to know about the bet365 android app. One of its biggest advantages is the £200 free bet that you get when creating a new account. Bet365 are one of UK’s largest bookmakers, and it is only logical that their app is of the highest quality. It is very friendly to users, and it is obvious that a lot of thought went into the process of making it. The company transitioned into the Internet age without any problems. And the quality of their shows the influence and respect they have in the betting and gambling sports market

    • Bet365 Android for your phone!
      • Bet365
      • BONUS: £200
        • Mobile – Yes
        • Android – Yes
        • iOS – Yes
        • Blackberry – Yes
        • Windows – Yes
        • Usability – 5.0
        • Graphics – 4.9
        • Bonuses – 5.0
        • Events – 4.8
        • Speed – 5
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      • Bet365 Mobile Screen

To claim the £200 free bet that bet365 are offering, you will need to open your account before you download the bet365 Android app.

How to Download and Install the application

Google Play does not allow gambling apps on their store, so it is unlikely that you will find it there. But, there is still a way to have the Bet365 Android app on your mobile device and here is how you can do it:

  1. Create a new account at Bet365’s website
  2. Open your mobile browser and go to this address:
  3. After you select your preferred language, you’ll be redirected to the homepage.
  4. Now click on the + at the bottom of the web page and select “add to homepage”.
    This will start downloading the app and place.

You can also add to your favorites and go to the mobile version of the site whenever you want. There is almost no difference between the app and the website. And you are going to be satisfied with both options.

*Note: Do not forget to register at Bet365’s website before downloading the app!

Bet365 Android App Interface

how good is the interface of bet365 for android

Bet365’s Android app looks decent and is very easy to navigate. You have a Log In button at the top of the app which can save you time if you are betting in-play and need to place your wager as quick as possible. The Bet365 Android app also allows you to save your username, so you do not have to enter it every time.

The platform is very friendly to beginners, and all the functions are explained in great detail. This can be a little annoying for seasoned veterans who have experience with mobile betting and they can find the system repetitive. Luckily you can turn off notifications and customize them at will.

The betting app has the trademark colors of Bet365 – green, white and yellow. It is nice to look at on high-resolution Android devices. And is available in “portrait” mode which is how you hold your Android phone when calling someone.

The text on the app is pretty large which is nice for users with small resolution screens, but it means there is less information showed on the screen. The app is very responsive, and even new users find it easy to use.

At the top of the Bet365 Android app, you will find the following options: Home, Sports, In-Play, Join and Log-In. The four sports that are shown on the homepage are horse racing, soccer, basketball, and tennis. You have the option to change and customize them any way you wish.

Android Features

what are the features of bet365 for android

Bet365’s Android app gives you the chance to bet “In-Play” which gives you a real live gambling experience. You can track games and follow all the scores and live odds. One of the main reasons to use bet365 on your mobile phone is the chance to bet no matter where you are and the In-Play platform is designed for that.

The App is available in 18 different languages which makes it suitable even for non-English punters. This is because they can make bets in their native tongue. The app gives you the chance to enjoy the best odds available even if you are not on your computer. You can also exploit a huge variety of markets and betting options. There is even the option to play in Bet365’s Casino through the application where you can find games like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Slots.

The screen view allows you to see a list of the current odds and betting markets available. You can also make deposits and withdrawals on the android apps store on any compatible device.

You can also use the Live Streaming platform on the Android app, and all you need is an account. There are more than 40,000 live games that are being streamed each year, so you will always find something interesting to watch.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple and very easy to use
  • Has most of the features that are in bet365’s website
  • In-Play and Live Streaming are available
  • £200 free bet for all new customers
  • The design is not as pretty as some of the other betting apps

Our Verdict

You cannot expect anything less than top quality from a company like Bet365. And they have fulfilled the expectations with their Android app. They chose to focus on functionality instead of design, and it seems like the right choice.

why should i use the bet365 android appThe Android app is responsive, easy to navigate and offers you many functions. You can make use of the £200 free bet that is available to all new customers by creating an account before you download the app.

Bet365’s Android application is very friendly towards new users. And it is unlikely that you will have difficulties learning how to navigate it.

The fact that there is In-play and Live Streaming in the mobile version makes it even better. This means that you will be able to make instant bets anywhere you go by using your mobile phone. If you prefer to use Bet365 as your main bookie then you are sure to enjoy using their mobile application.

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We give the app a 9.4 rating which makes it our number one recommended mobile app for betting. You can check out the others in the mobile betting apps reviews section and if you want to learn more about Bet365 go and see our unbiased bet365 review. There you will find out how to claim the £200 free bet we have been talking about in this article.

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