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Sites Which Will Not Let You Claim Your Winnings

Many of us know how annoying it can be to be on a losing streak, and when we finally manage to win, not to be allowed to claim our fairly earned money.

A lot of the punters who managed to take the online bookies to the cleaners are having trouble while trying to withdraw their winnings. That was the conclusion of the business watchdog, who yesterday managed to slam the £4b online gaming, sports betting and casino sectors for making it too difficult for players to win.

An investigation was launched by The Competition and Mergers Authority to check if the online bookmakers are, in fact, treating their players fairly. The gambling commission warned some of the companies which were blocking their customer payouts, by using unfair terms and misleading promotions.

Online gaming has become quite popular in the last few years increasing by over 146% since 2009. There are approximately 5.5 million players in the United Kingdom, many of which are attracted by misleading bonuses and promotions.

Such tricks which catch unsuspecting customers, sometimes include a casino which requires the players to play for longer time that they agreed to so they can withdraw their winnings. Afterwards they give the players unfairly short deadlines, who want to challenge the casino’s decisions. It means that they have to wait a couple of days to complain, and the customer representatives are not of much help.

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