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Detailed Info About Online Gambling Jurisdictions, Laws and Organizations

Gambling jurisdiction is usually a hard subject because every region has their own rules about legal issues concerned with online gambling. You’ll find many jurisdictions that license and regulate online bookmakers all over the world.

what are online gambling laws around the world The jurisdictions have an organization which regulates everything connected to online gambling and wagering. Some of them are very tough with their rules and regulations, so it’s very difficult to comply with them. Others have more of a loose policy which means not all bookmakers comply with the same regulations and requirements. In addition, the rules are constantly being updated which makes it hard to follow all the latest changes in regulations around the world.

Most of the laws are applicable to parties who provide gambling activities rather than those who participate in them, but you don’t want to break the law unknowingly, so it’s nice to know about the regulations in the place where you live. This can also help you understand gambling jurisdiction better so that you can make the right choice when selecting your bookmaker.

At TopBettingSite, you’ll find valuable information about the regulatory developments in the sports betting industry, as well as details on licensing authorities and different gambling jurisdictions.

What are Gambling Jurisdictions and Licensing Authorities?

As we said earlier, the legislations that regulate gambling sites and similar organizations are different all around the world depending on the region they are in. Licensing authorities are the organizations within the gambling jurisdictions that are responsible for regulating and issuing the licenses.

All online gambling sites need to possess a license from the applicable licensing authority if they want to provide services to their customers in a legal way. That’s why many betting sites decide their location considering the legislation and regulatory practices of the region. Of course, if they choose a jurisdiction with high reputation, this also builds up their own.

We recommend that our users always check out the licenses of a bookmaker before signing up with them and avoid those who look sketchy. All of our recommended bookmakers reviews have the required licenses, so no matter which one of them you pick, your money will be safe with them. You should really learn more about the processes of major gambling jurisdictions so that you have better knowledge which can help you choose a bookmaker who is under strict regulations. Here are some of the jurisdictions for different countries around the world.

Online Gambling in the USA

how does the gambling legislation in the usa workThe situation in the United States concerning online gambling is very unclear. For many years the bookies had no problems providing their services to US citizens, but after the Wire Act of 1961 which made gambling over telephone illegal, many started to wonder if this applied to betting over the internet. The 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act forbidden the banks and other financial institutions to accept transactions from people involved with online gambling which was an indirect hint for the gambling sites who made themselves unavailable for punters from the US.

There were some who still accepted customers from America because they were located in a jurisdiction where gambling was legal and the operators didn’t have to comply with US laws. Some people didn’t want to risk it, but others continued to bet online because they thought that if someone was breaking any laws, it was the websites, not the customers.

It was like that for years until recently when some states in the US introduced online gambling legislation and regulation. Now there are some websites who possess a license in the US with many more to follow them in the future.

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Online Gambling in the United Kingdom

why are the gambling laws in the uk so strictThe Online Gambling is strictly regulated in the UK which makes it a major business. If you’re older than 18 years then it’s legal for you to gamble on the internet. Unlike many other jurisdictions where the best betting sites can’t offer their services to the citizens of the country that they’re operating in, operators in the UK are allowed to do that. Website outside of the UK can also operate there if they’re licensed by the Gambling Commission which is responsible for the regulation of gambling in the United Kingdom.

You can find more information on the gambling laws in the UK here.

Online Gambling in Europe

where can you find the law for gambling on the web in europeMost of the countries in Europe are individually responsible for the legislation and the gambling laws are vastly different depending on the location. The legislation can be very confusing in some countries, so they changed their policies in the previous years. That’s why it’s not so easy to sum up all of the laws in Europe and we recommend that you check out the local laws before creating a new account.

Click on this link for further details about online gambling in Europe.

Online Gambling in Canada

is the law for online gambling in canada more friendlyMany questions can be raised about the gambling laws in Canada. Officially there isn’t a law that forbids Canadian citizens to wager online. It makes sense because some of the provincial governments in Canada have own online casinos. It’s worth noting than the Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses the gambling sites which operate from Kahnawake (an Indian reserve located in Canada which is considered as a sovereign nation and doesn’t obey Canadian laws).

If you want to know more about online gambling regulations in Canada, go to this page.

Online Gambling in Australia

what is important about legal betting in australiaOnline gambling is a very popular activity in Australia and there aren’t any laws that forbid it. Sports betting on the internet is allowed if the Australians use licensed by the government operators. The only thing that is illegal because of legislation is to offer interactive gambling games to Australian citizens. Despite this law, many of the operators from other countries do exactly that. It’s important to note that Australia has states who abide by their own legislation and regulatory practices, plus the national laws.

More information about the gambling laws in Australia can be found here.
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