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Reliable Info About Regulation and Gambling Laws in Australia

Online gambling is quickly gaining popularity on the continent, because the gambling laws in Australia are fairly liberal when it comes to it. There are many casinos in the country that possess a license, plus you can find gaming machines like slots and video poker in clubs, bars or pubs.

where to find the gambling laws in australia onlineIf you’re a fan of sports betting then you can place bets or fixed wagers in the Totalisator Agency Board. You’ll find almost 3000 outlets across the country. Australia offers many legal opportunities to gamble, you can even play Bingo in many locations.

Even though there are some restrictions because of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, online gambling is still considered legal and these restrictions are mostly focused towards the operators.

Below you’ll find information about the regulation and laws regarding online gambling in Australia, in addition to the details about the Interactive Gambling Act.

Online Gambling Sites Which Accept Players from Australia

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Who Regulates the Gambling Laws In Australia?

The gambling regulation in Australia has two levels – the government plays an important part in both legislation and regulation, but the states and territories also have different regional authorities.

  • CT Gambling and Racing Commission – Australian Capital Territory
  • Licensing Commission – Northern Territory
  • Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing – New South Wales
  • Independent Gambling Authority – South Australia
  • Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation – Queensland
  • Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation – Victoria
  • Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor – Western Australia
  • Tasmanian Gaming Commission – Tasmania

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001

what does the interactive gambling act 2001 meanThis act became fact in 2001 and its main task was to protect Australian punters from the harms of online gambling. It makes it illegal for operators to offer online gambling services with real money to Australian punters.

According to the gambling laws in Australia, bookmakers from the country are eligible to provide their services to punters from countries, however there is a small number of restricted ones. If they have the required license, these bookmakers can offer lotteries and sports betting in the country. Read more about the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 click here.

How Australian Gambling Laws Affect You

You won’t find a paragraph in the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 that makes online gambling illegal in Australia, so its citizens should not worry about this. There are many bookmakers who are located outside of the country and are willing to accept Australian punters, in addition to the many licensed Australian betting sites already available.

One of the disadvantages from the gambling laws in Australia is the fact that if you have problems with an overseas operator, you can’t turn to the Australian gambling authorizes, because these bookmakers are not licensed in the country. This isn’t such a big issue, because most of these operators are licensed by other gambling authorities in countries where gambling is legal, so if you pick a site with good reputation then it’s unlikely that you will face any problems.

what types of money bets can you make in australiaAs an Australian citizen you have many options to choose from regarding top betting sites, because most of the major online operators accept Australian customers to their websites. Of course, all of the websites vary vastly in quality, so you must be careful when selecting your preferred bookmaker. There’s not a single reason why you should make compromises and not select the best sports betting website that suites your gambling needs.

Every person has different requirements when it comes to online betting, but there are some things that are considered as a necessity for a good gambling operator. First, you should always check if Australians are welcome to the website. Deposit and withdrawal options (see different methods here) are also important, so look for a website that offers the ones who are ok for you. If you like to bet in Australian Dollars, you should check the available currencies. Most of the good operators offer not only one, but many different types of gambling, such as casino, poker and bingo. They are considered all-rounders and do not specialize in a specific area. If you prefer only one form of gambling then you might be better off using a specialist website. It’s always good to receive a big opening bonus when creating your account, but make sure to check out the terms and conditions that different bookmakers have. Last but not least, a good customer services will guarantee that you receive help quickly when you have a problem with the website.

Betting Operators Outside Australia

which betting operators are approved by the australian lawsNow that you know about the most important of the gambling laws in Australia, as well as what makes a good bookmaker, we recommend reading our bookmaker reviews to find out more about the specific bookmakers that are available. We have reviewed some of the top names in the industry and selected a top three which we heavily recommend to all of our readers. We have tested many options and can guarantee that you’ll be left satisfied with any of them. All of the bookmakers that we review are licensed, so you don’t have to worry about your money being safe with them. If there are any major negatives like many complaints from customers on the internet, we make sure to include this information in the review and it always affects their overall score.

Many people decide to go for the big names which are fine because they’re almost always top quality, but there are some smaller companies who also offer great services to their promotions. We think that you should do some good research before choosing a site and not just sign up for the first big name you see on the list. Some punters have registration in a couple of websites in order to get the best available odds for a specific event, so you might want to consider that option as well.

When it comes to taxation, Australia has favorable laws towards winnings from online gambling and because it’s considered a recreational activity, you are free from paying taxes on your winnings.

Changes to Australian Gambling Legislation

why gamblers should consider betting in australiaAt the moment it seems unlikely that there will be any changes in the current system of gambling laws in Australia. Some modifications to the ICA might happen, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

*Note: Even though we try to provide you with the best information available, this article is based on our opinions and should not be considered as legal advice in any way.

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