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Details about the Gambling Laws in Israel

The gambling jurisdiction in Israel has restricted some types of gambling, but others not. Online gambling is limited in the country and not all types of gambling are considered legal in general. Even licensed online casinos not always accept players from Israel according to the gambling laws in Israel.

What you need to know about gambling in Israel

what are the online gambling laws in israelGambling is legal in Israel, but there are some restrictions. The government has regulated gambling in the country and some types of gambling are illegal, like casino gambling for example, but not when it comes to cruise ships. The legal types of gambling in the country are the national lottery and sports betting. Moreover, the national lottery is quite popular among the citizens.

There are two government organizations responsible for sports betting and the national lottery – the Israeli Commission for Sports Gambling and the Mifal Hapayis. Despite the existing restraints, gambling is a big industry in Israel with estimated turnover of $3.5 billion each year coming from illegal gambling and betting.

What about Online Gambling Laws in Israel?

Because of the gambling jurisdictions in Israel, local companies are not allowed to run any online gambling operations. The government has restricted residents from participating in gambling online and is offering alternative government sponsored gambling events.

However, the Israeli population is being targeted from abroad with online gambling offers in English and Hebrew. The sites that offer online gambling games are more than 150 and they accept payments both in US dollars and Israeli Shekels.

More on the Israeli Gambling Legislation

how indian bookmakers get a betting legislationThe first of the gambling laws in Israel which banned online gambling in Israel was enforced in 1977 and is called the Israeli Penal Law. It does not mention online gambling per se and that has caused confusion. This law does not handle the gambling subject adequately as some situations are overlooked like for example Israeli players located outside of the country.

However, in 2005 an order was issued by the Attorney General of Israel, requiring the shutdown of online gambling sites and credit companies which made transactions at such sites. Two years later the Play65 was excluded from the ruling.

In conclusion, the gambling jurisdiction is Israel is not clear about situations connected to online gaming, so a research in individual cases might be helpful in determining what is legal and what not.

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