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Is Online Betting Legal in the UK? Trustworthy Information About Punters

find important details about the uk gambling lawsUnlike most places in the world, the online gambling laws in the UK are quite simple. The same can’t be said about the legislation, but that can be a problem only for the providers of gambling services. UK punters won’t have any troubles understanding the UK gambling laws.

You’ll find that most gambling forms, including online gambling, are legal and under good regulation in the United Kingdom. The Gambling Commission is one of the main regulators in the industry (with the exception of the Financial Conduct Authority which regulates spread betting) due to the Gambling Act passed in 2005. Their job is to make sure that gambling operators who are offering their services (including online gambling) to UK customers fulfill the requirements.

When combined all these things make gambling a huge business in the United Kingdom. You’ll find many poker rooms, casinos and retail betting shops across the country. There are both UK-based and foreign gambling websites that will be happy to offer you their services.

In this article you’ll find information about gambling laws in the UK, the Gambling Commission and the Gambling Act of 2005. We try to update the information when there’s something new to be added.

Betting Sites Which Accept Players From the United Kingdom

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2008 Gibraltar £30
888Sport Review
1973 Gibraltar £20
Unibet Review
1999 - -
Betfair Review
Royal Panda
2008 UK, Malta £100
Royal Panda Review

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The UK Gambling Commission and Gambling Act 2005

The Gambling Commission was formed on the basis of the Gambling Act of 2005 and started functioning in 2007, taking over from the Gaming Board in Great Britain which meant it also took responsibility for online gambling and the UK Gambling Laws. In 2013 the Gambling Commission became responsible for the National Lottery replacing the National Lottery Commission.

The Gambling Act gives the Commission power to license or fine bookmakers and, in some cases, to take their license away. Some of the main tasks are:

  • Make sure that all gambling is fair and transparent
  • Restrict access to the websites to minors and people who might have gambling problems
  • Don’t let gambling become an association for disorder and crime

Only UK-based companies can receive a license from the Gambling Commission and serve punters from the United Kingdom. However, there’s a whitelist for different gambling jurisdictions and if an operator has been licensed by these jurisdictions, they can legally offer their services in the UK.

How UK Gambling Laws Affect You

how the uk betting laws control the gambling in britain If you’re older than 18 then you won’t have any trouble gambling in the UK. This means you have a wide range of bookmakers that you can choose from, unlike the US. This also includes the big names that operate in the UK. Your only difficulty may be selecting you preferred bookmaker because of the many options available and a lot of top betting sites lists in the net.

You probably have noticed that some bookmakers are being heavily advertised in the United Kingdom, but that isn’t always a sign of quality. You always should be careful about trusting advertisements and check the information yourself before making a decision. Of course, testing all the bookmakers yourself is a painful and time consuming task, that’s why we have done it for you. You can check out our bookmaker reviews where we have listed some of the most reputable bookmakers who can operate in the UK. We have tested and ranked them on factors like website usability, bonuses and promotions, odds quality, live betting and customer service. You should always look out for those factors if you want to find the best bookmaker for you. Every punter has their own specifics when it comes to betting, so personal preferences are always important.

Today, most of the gambling sites have a wide range features available and you can use them for many different purposes. All of the sites that we reviewed by the UK Gambling Laws possess this quality and we think they’re the best ones available out there. We think that picking out the right bookmaker plays a major part and can improve the overall betting experience, so our readers should always consider choosing the best options and not making any compromises.

what does the uk gambling commission doMany people just look at the big names when joining a bookmaker, but we also recommend checking out some of the smaller providers who also offer great services. The most famous bookies usually cover all the required features, but it’s worth checking out other sites who may offer a better promotion at the time or bigger odds. Being an established bookmaker and having history in the business is always a positive, but you should not judge a bookmaker only on that. There are many other important things like speed of paying out withdrawals, the range of deposit options, opening bonuses, good odds and the quality of customer support. Don’t select a bookmaker just because they’re a big name and do it because they deserve your trust.

You’ll also know that all of the websites are legislated and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission which means they meet all the requirements and are safe for the customers. If you feel like you’re being scammed by someone, you can always ask for help from the Gambling Commission.

Another pro of the UK gambling laws is the fact that in the UK gambling winnings don’t count as a taxed income, so you keep everything that you make from online gambling. The providers have to pay tax, but that doesn’t concern you as a customer.

Changes to UK Gambling Legislation

what are the changes has the uk gambling legislationWe always try to provide you with the most recent information about online gambling in the UK and will update this page if there are any changes to the current laws. One change that might happen is the Gambling Bill which wants all of the providers to have a license directly from the Gambling Commission and not by another whitelisted gambling jurisdiction in order to operate in the UK. That’s not the case at the moment, but things could be changed if this bill is passed. Some organizations like the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association have voiced their displeasure and challenged the bill.

*Note: Even though we try to supply our readers with the best information for the UK gambling laws available, our articles should not be considered as legal advice because we are not lawyers. This article merely represents our own opinion and views.

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