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The Premier League Predictions For Next Year

English football fans will surely remember 2016. In the summer we were witnesses to the ultimate shock when Leicester City managed to crawl from the bottom to the Premier League. Not to mention that the Foxes beating all odds managed to out-fox (pun intended) everyone to achieve a historic victory. Leicester since then have dropped down in the League, but they are still defying the odds, the entertainment has not stopped since the summer. 2016 has in fact welcomed the dawn of a brand new football season; there were some quite unexpected shenanigans that kept the punters, fans, and bookies on their toes. Manchester United signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Tottenham has not yet been beaten in the Premier League. Moreover, Crystal Palace managed to surprise everyone, by doing even worse than last season. Overall 2016 has been an incredible year for the fans of this beautiful sport, which leaves the pressure in 2017. We can expect the same from certain players, but you are probably wondering which teams you should look for in 2017? Our team thinks that these are the three teams you should keep an eye in the next year. Tottenham: This season they managed to go with six wins and the same amount of draws, without a single loss. They did struggle with this since their star striker Harry Kane was sidelined for the most part. All they need is Kane to get back on his feet, and the wins will start coming. Everton: They may be far from the title in this season, they have gotten some solid results against inferior teams, which made them 7th in the League. If Everton manages to kick themselves up and pull off a few wins like Arsenal and Liverpool did, they can get a place in the top four. Swansea City: Although the team’s skill level is not the best in the league, it is certainly not terrible. The main issue with Swansea this year is the players’ attitudes. Moreover, Bob Bradley came in after 4 games and clearly he is trying to get back on his feet. However, the public arguments between Angel Rangel and Modou Barrow are definitely in need of a break.
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