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The Best Real Money Blackjack Online Sites

When it comes to best real money blackjack online sites, there are two ways you can play blackjack online – for real money and for free. In this article, we will show you what the best websites for real money blackjack are. We have done our research, and our recommendations are undoubtedly the best ones out there.

You will also learn about the rules and strategies of blackjack, as well as the pros and cons of playing for money. That way you can decide for yourself whether it is the right thing for you. Lastly, we will show you the different platforms which are available for you to play blackjack. So continue reading our guide about the best real money blackjack online sites.

Should You Play Blackjack Online for Real Cash?

If you want to win money by gambling, then you should also be willing to risk it. There is no way you can win something by not having money at stake in gambling. Although many people play gambling games on the internet for free, we do not see the benefit in that.

can you play online blackjack for real moneyOf course, there are games like blackjack, where you still get enjoyment out of playing, even though you are not winning anything. However, you can also use the free games as a training method for you to pick a winning strategy.

The good thing about this is that you cannot lose any money that way, but you also cannot win. This experience can be compared to drinking non-alcoholic beer. Online blackjack is one of those games where the house edge is incredibly small (often less than 0.3%) compared to other casino games such as roulette (around 5.26%).

These are pretty big differences when you take a look at the big picture. If you bet 50$ per hand when playing blackjack and per spin when playing roulette, you will be losing 15 cents on average on blackjack and 2.83$ on roulette.

As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves. With such a difference it is worth it to try online blackjack for real money.

Blackjack Online Sites Software

In this section of our best real money blackjack online sites we will discuss the software. Most online casinos use software provided by other companies, although a small part uses their own. If you know the software that the casino uses, then you can estimate what kind of blackjack games it offers and how to approach those games. Here is a list of some of the most well-known software used by online casinos:


what is the best software for playing blackjack onlineThis game provider offers not only blackjack, but also poker, lotto, and sports betting. They own the fantasy website StarsDraft which is formerly known as Victiv. One popular gambling site which uses their software is 888 Casino.

The lowest house edge of all blackjack games there is the 0.26% in “Single Deck Blackjack”. If you want to get this house edge, you need to use a perfect basic strategy. The game with the biggest house edge there is “Live Blackjack” with 0.71%. Even though that is a lower percentage than most casinos, we would recommend avoiding this.


This software provider does not allow customers from the USA. They are mostly known for their slots, but you can still play blackjack there. Some of the online casinos using their software are William Hill, Caesars, and Ladbrokes. We said that the primary focus of WagerWorks are slot machines, so they offer only two blackjack games – the classic blackjack and Power blackjack.

The latter is a game where the players can split totals of 15 or 16, and they also have a chance to double down on totals between 9 and 11. You can also play this version of the game at brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas.

Boss Media

why should you play blackjack games at boss mediaThe Swedish software provider Boss Media has a long history, especially when compared to its other competitors. Their games are known to be realistic, and they also work with trustworthy online betting casinos. Giants like bet365 and BetFred Casino use their software. Casinos which are powered by their software also do not accept US customers.

The house edge on six deck blackjack is 0.46%. Previously, they used to have a single deck variation which had 0% house edge, but due to obvious reasons, casinos abolished this practice.

Realtime Gaming

The software of Realtime Gaming was advertised as being the fastest software among the best real money blackjack online sites, but that meant that the more hands you play each hour, the more money you lose.

Probably the biggest advantage of RGT is that almost all of their casinos accept payments from US customers, which is pretty rare in today’s gambling industry. Casinos can change the rules to the software, which means that the house edge can be different at each casino because the number of decks is different.

Casinos who use RTG’s software are and Bovada. The classic blackjack game has the smallest house edge 0.54%, but keep in mind that this number can vary depending on the casino that you are using.


does cryptologic offer real money blackjack sitesSimilar to Boss Media, this is another old software provider which does not accept users from the United States at its best real money blackjack online sites. Famous casinos which are using their software are Cherry Casino and Betsafe.

The software has various blackjack versions, but in each one of them, the deck is shuffled after the hand has ended. You can also double on any two cards. The lowest house edge there can be found in “Single Deck Blackjack” (0.21%).


The first online casino – the Gaming Club – uses this software, so this software provider is not unknown. They are famous for their enormous progressive jackpots. You probably guessed that Microgaming does not allow US customers to gamble at their casinos.

The best odds according to the house edge can be found in regular blackjack where you can get 0.13%, but only if you use a perfect basic strategy and play the downloadable game instead of the web version. Usually, there is no difference whether you are using a downloaded game or playing the flash version, but here that is not the case.


This is one of the biggest casino software companies in the world. They have an open policy about the return for their games, so always check the stats provided by them. Playtech casinos automatically block US addresses, so if you are from there, then you cannot gamble in any way or form. Paddy Power and bet365 are two gambling sites which use their software.

The best house edge can be found in “Blackjack Switch” (0.14%). Of course, you need to play with perfect basic strategy, and the number also depends on the casino itself.

Live Dealer Blackjack

are there best real money blackjack online sites liveIn this section of our best real money blackjack online sites we will discuss live gaming dealers. Online casinos also provide their customers with live dealer blackjack. People can play this with real money, and the live dealers use webcams.

All games usually have slight differences in rules, but the one thing in common is the usage of shuffling machines, so you cannot count cards when playing with a live dealer. Most games there are “8-deck blackjack”, so the house edge certainly is significant. We are not telling you that you should not play live dealer blackjack, but it is crucial that you know the differences in rules, and pick a good strategy.

We advise that you speak with the customer support team of the casino if there are any other questions. That way you can also separate the good from the bad casinos by judging the quality of their customer support.

Best Real Money Blackjack Online Sites Strategies

Here are some tips which will help you create a good basic strategy and keep the house edge at small percentages (between 0.5% and 1%):

  • Hit if the hard total is 8 or less or the soft total is 15 or less
  • Stand if the hard total is at least 17 and the soft total is at least 19
  • Split if the cards are aces and 8s
  • Don’t split if the cards are 4s, 5s, or 10s
  • Split if the dealer has a 6 or less
  • Double down if the soft is 16-18 and the dealer has 6 or less
  • Double down if 10 or 11 and the dealer has a lower card
  • Stand if the hard total is 12-16 and the dealer has a 6

Mobile Applications for Blackjack Gaming

which are the best mobile apps for blackjack gamblingThere are two outcomes if you want to play at the best real money blackjack online sites on a mobile device – either you use your mobile browser and play the web version from the website’s casino, or download a mobile application.

With the former, you probably will not get amazing sound effects and graphics, and usually, there are fewer games on the web versions. On the other hand, a mobile app usually has more games and improved graphics and sound. Experienced blackjack players will probably prefer it to the web version.

Previously, mobile blackjack apps were made only for one of the two largest operating systems (iOS and Android), but now, they are usually compatible with both. Keep in mind that online blackjack on mobile devices is not on the same level as the PC version, but hopefully, casinos will change that in favor of the steadily growing mobile user base.

Our Verdict

Regardless if you like to play in a land-based casino or through the internet, blackjack is always a great game if you are looking to win money. It has a tiny house edge, so even if you do not win, your losses will be significantly smaller when playing blackjack than with other casino games.

The best way to get the most out of online real money blackjack is to find a casino which offers the best odds (the smallest house edge) on the type of game that you want to play. You can do that by using the information already provided in this article.

Next, you need to pick a basic strategy and memorize it, but if you cannot, the tips that we provided you with can also be of use. We hope that our article about the best real money blackjack online sites answered all of your questions.

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