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Depositing Online Real Money at Betting Sites

On this page, you will learn how to pick the right betting site for depositing online. If you want to bet on the internet using real money, you need to create a gambling account at a bookmaker and deposit money into it. The first part is relatively easy, although you still need to choose a decent website, we will try to focus on the second one because there are many questions about it.

We will go through the different deposit methods that you can use, and the process of uploading money at a gambling site. You will also learn about withdrawals and other important questions.

Options for Depositing Online at Betting Websites

which are the options for depositing cash onlineUsually, you will find numerous deposit options at most betting sites. These options are different for each website, and they also depend on your location, like PayPal, which is not available for people who are from the USA or Canada. If you want to learn more about depositing at a gambling site, check out our article on that subject. Here are some of the most used deposit options:

  • Debit/Credit Cards – Credit and debit cards are very easy to use because almost all sites accept MasterCard and Visa. If you are living in America, keep in mind that some banks will not allow you to gamble with your card.
  • E-Wallets – If you do not know what an e-Wallet is, you should think of it as an online prepaid account which can be funded by different methods. You can then use it to send money to other companies or people. Some examples of e-Wallets include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. The e-Wallet is a great deposit option for betting websites seeing as it is also a fast way to send or receive money. Although, many Americans are not allowed to use e-Wallets at betting sites, however it is one of the most popular ways in Britain.
  • Transferring Money – Cash transfer services are a popular way of making deposits at gambling websites in the USA. Some of the most famous companies which provide this service are Western Union and MoneyGram. Unfortunately, this deposit method is a little more complicated than others, but it is the best way for Brits.
  • Wire/Bank Transfer – The negative thing about the bank/wire transfer is that you cannot use the money instantly because there is a waiting period of three to four days, depending on the website that you are using for depositing online.
  • Prepaid Cards – Prepaid cards are a popular choice amongst punters because they can deposit money into their gambling account without disclosing it to their credit card company. That is crucial because it can influence your credit rating.

How to Make a Deposit at a Betting Site

what is depositing online at a betting site aboutWe said earlier that the process of money depositing online is not complicated because most websites want to make it simpler for their players to deposit money. Still, we have decided to create an in-depth tutorial on depositing money, and hopefully, it will be helpful to most of you. The process is different on each website, but there are many similarities. First of all you will need to pick the right betting site, however that part is obvious. See what is really important here:

  1. Go to the deposit section of the website – Even if it is not called the same, there is always a place where you need to go to make a deposit. It is either a “deposit now/here” button, or you simply need to go to your account and find it from there.
  2. Pick a deposit option – After you have clicked on the deposit button, there will be a list of different services which will allow you to make a deposit. Choose the one that you prefer to use and continue to the next step. For this tutorial, we will use the credit card option.
  3. Give your payment details – Finally, you will have to fill out the payment information required by the bookmaker. In our case, this means the number, expiration date, and security code of the credit card. Of course, you will have to choose how much money you wish to deposit. If you have a bonus or promotional code, you can enter it here.

Making Withdrawals from Betting Sites

is withdrawing money from an online account safeYou saw that it is not difficult at all to make a deposit at a betting site. Fortunately, withdrawing is just as easy. Instead of going to the section for depositing online , now you need to find a “Withdraw” or “Cash out button”. Next, select how you would like to withdraw your money and the desired amount.

Keep in mind that unlike deposits, withdrawals are not instant. Most of the times you will have to wait at least 24 hours before the money reach your bank account. Of course, the withdrawal method also plays a part in the waiting time. Some options take longer than others, for example, e-Wallets are the fastest, and after them are the credit and debits cards.

If you want to withdraw using a check, you will have to wait for the longest, and if you are from the United States, that is your only option. Another important thing is the withdrawal limits that some websites have, so if you win much money, you will not be able to withdraw them all at once. We hope that we helped you pick the right betting site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is money depositing online safe?

  • It is, but you need to use well-known and reputable betting sites. Fortunately, most of them fit the description, but there are also ones that you need to avoid. We suggest that you check out our reviews section where we list only reliable options.
  • Is there a minimum deposit amount?

  • Yes, but the amount depends on the bookmaker that you are using. At most sites, it is usually around 10$.
  • Is there a maximum deposit amount?

  • The answer to this question is almost the same as the previous one. The maximums are often high enough for most people, and if they are not, you can request for the limit to be raised.
  • Can you choose your limits?

  • Most websites will allow you to do so. If you cannot stick to your budget, we would certainly recommend using this option so that you will not overspend.
  • In what currencies can you deposit?

  • The answer depends on the website and deposit option that you use. Most of the times, betting sites offer many currencies, but there are others that are not so generous. If you are unsure what currencies they are offering, you can always ask their customer support team.
  • Do you have to pay deposit fees?

  • It is uncommon for websites to charge deposit fees themselves; however, credit card companies and e-wallets will usually charge you transaction fees. Withdrawals will usually cost a small fee, especially if you are using a website which accepts punters from the United States.
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