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Don’t Get Fooled by Online Gambling Myths

Most of the online gambling myths come from people that don’t understand the industry well. Others are prejudiced against gambling from the beginning, so it’s easy for them to accept arguments which support their thesis as facts.

Some of the myths gain popularity very quickly, and people are convinced that they are true, so they avoid gambling altogether. It’s a shame that someone won’t be able to try gambling just because they believed a false story on the internet. Of course, we think that if betting isn’t right for someone, they shouldn’t try it, but that is a different story.

That’s why we have decided to create this article and warn you about some online gambling myths which simply aren’t true.

Online Gambling is Illegal Everywhere

which are the most common online gambling mythsThat is a pretty big myth which is most often heard in countries where gambling is actually illegal, or the laws have a gray area about this subject. A good example would be the United States because its citizens think that they would be doing something illegal when gambling.

However, if we do some more research, gambling isn’t considered to be illegal in the USA. Even though the laws regarding this subject are somewhat complicated, most of them are made for the betting operators or the banks that process gambling transactions, not the customers themselves.

One thing which is 100% illegal everywhere around the world is the creation of a betting website which doesn’t have the proper licenses, but we think that is entirely reasonable, seeing as this actually would improve security, and the punters would feel safer. As far as we know, there are no countries where the actual process of using a gambling site is considered as illegal, and it also makes sense, because people can spend their money on an entertainment form if they want to.

If you are interested in learning more about the laws in different countries, check out our page about gambling jurisdictions.

Bookmakers are Unsafe

is it a myth that the online bookmakers are not safeIt’s normal that there are online gambling myths about the operators. Many people have safety concerns when they consider signing up for a betting website because they are worried that their personal information or money can get stolen, and so the myth about bookmakers being generally unsafe was born.

In reality, the best gambling websites are extremely secure due to the encryption technology that they use. Of course, not all websites are like that, but if you stick to trustworthy brands such as the ones we reviewed in our bookmaker reviews section, it’s unlikely that you will have any problems regarding the security of your money or information.

Betting Sites that Scam their Users

People who are afraid of gambling online think that bookmakers are out there to scam them and won’t pay out their winnings or will rig the games. Most people forget that such online gambling myths don’t have a strong foundation

Even though there have been cases where bookmakers were scamming customers, most of them won’t ever do that. A good reputation and trust from customers are way more valuable for them because otherwise people will be reluctant to sign up with them if they know that the website has scammed other individuals in the past. Fraudulent bookmakers most certainly won’t make it in the long run, so scamming people is dangerous for them.

There is no Way that you Can Win

This myth is similar to the one mentioned above because rigging results count towards cheating. However, there are some who think that you can’t win at gambling even if you don’t play online.

If you look at the facts, there are ways you can win from gambling although it’s not easy, something being not easy doesn’t mean it is not possible. Of course, not all the games are the same. If you decide to play in the casino, then luck plays a huge part, but poker players have to rely on having a good strategy, as well as skill and experience.

Addiction is Unavoidable

can a player avoid the risk of gambling addictionThat is probably the dumbest of all online gambling myths. We don’t deny that gambling can lead to addiction and has been a problem for people, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who gambles gets addicted eventually. Many people can control themselves and set a spending limit for gambling.

You can also see for yourself that most of the bookmakers are very serious when it comes to addiction and will let you set deposit limits for a day, week, or month. They can also shut down the accounts of people who are believed to be addicted to gambling.

However, you should always be aware of the risks that exist and take some measures before it’s too late. A good start would be setting and sticking to deposit limits. If you can’t control yourself, the best decision would be to stop and seek help immediately.

Online Gambling Myths – Slow Cash Outs

Many people want to receive their winnings instantaneously, but in some cases, gambling sites will make you wait longer so that they can process the money, which is always annoying. If you stick to proven websites, you won’t have to wait more than a week or two, and in most cases, it’s much quicker than that.

Some of the criteria that should be taken into consideration include your location, withdrawal method, and the gambling site. Often you can get your winnings in a matter of hours.

Online Websites Damage Land-based Gambling

what are the myths and facts about online gambling sitesPeople associated with land-based gambling have been moaning since the invention of online gambling because they see it as a threat to their businesses. While this is somewhat reasonable, there are little facts supporting their opinion. On the contrary, online gambling has had a positive effect on live-porker which grew in popularity thanks to it.

Land-based casino owners are unhappy about the fact that people can now play the games they offer without leaving their homes. We think that competition is always a good think and will help the overall development of gambling. Some land-based casinos have adapted well, so we believe that the myth holds little if no truth.

Children can Effortlessly Gamble Through the Internet

We don’t deny the fact that a kid can break the rules and bet online if he really wants to, but the same can be said about going to a bar or casino and using a fake ID. However, both things are not easy because they require a lot of effort, and even then there are no guarantees of success.

The most popular bookmakers have strict policies when it comes to preventing under-age people from gambling and do their best to keep it from happening, so we take their side on this one. You shouldn’t worry about these online gambling myths.

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