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Real Money Skill Games Sites Outside the Web Casinos

Most people do not know what real money skill games sites are, so we will try to explain it in this article. Basically, skill or cash games are not solely dependent on luck, and you need to be skilled at them if you want to win. That is the main reason why these games are legal in some parts of the United States. Some states differentiate between gambling on skill games, and on games that only require good fortune to win.

We will explain the difference between skill games and chance games, and tell you examples of the most popular sites for real money skill games out there.

Chance Games vs Real Money Skill Games Sites

which are the best real money skill games sitesAs we said earlier, skill games rely on the performance of the player, and not on luck. For example, in games like checkers or chess, players are the ones who make a decision, and there are no random events.

However, there are games which require no skill at all, and they are called chance games. Games like that are Candyland or War. Random events determine the outcome there. Some games are a combination of these two types, for example, poker, where you need to have good cards, but you also need to know how to play them. Of course, it is possible to be a good player and still lose, but most of the time, right decisions will lead to you winning hands.

Just like in fantasy sports, you need to have a knowledge of the game and identify the right picks. However, at the end of the day, it all depends on the players themselves, and there are often upsets. Let’s look at the different types of cash games available.

Arcade Games

These games are similar to the ones you played as a kid by putting quarters into machines. Even though that period looks to be over, arcade games are still popular online, especially when it comes to betting with real money.

One of the favorite arcade games is “Tetris Burst” where you have different power-ups which help you to get more points. Another example is the game called Bejeweled which is a tournament game where the highest scorer receives a part of the prize pool. Other beloved games include Big Money, Swipe Hype, and Swap it.

Card Games

how to put your betting skills into card gamesYou probably think that card games are chance games, but that is not the case. There are games where you play against an AI and receive the same cards, so it is similar to playing duplicate bridge. Another example of a skill card game is tournament solitaire. You need to create a tableau as fast as you can, and you get the same cards as your opponent.

Some gambling real money skill games sites classify all card games as skill games, even when there is a chance factor involved. Most famous online cardrooms like Party Poker, Poker Stars, and Merge, think that their games are skill-based, although the law may not be on their side.

Game Shows

You will always find a slot machine that has a game show theme at a brick and mortar casino. However, these games depend mostly on luck. If you decide to play them online, you will find that most of them are skill games, for example, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, where you can play for real money and rewards.

These real money skill games sites are slightly different, but their concept remains unchanged. You get points by playing against other people online, and then these points can be exchanged for tickets for cash drawings if you are over 18, or for non-money rewards if you are a minor.

You need to differentiate between playing a real money show game and a slot machine, which is only made to look like the game show. The slot machines are allowing you to play directly for money, while in the skill-based game you are collecting points in order to receive a reward.

Word Games

can you place an online bet on word games

This is an ancient game for which shows that humans have always loved word based games. Most real money skill games sites have them and offer tournaments with money prizes. Traditional word games are Boggle and Scrabble, where you need to have skills if you want to win at the end. Most of the time, there is an entry fee and the winners receive a part of the prize pool.

Of course, that is not the only reward form. Sometimes you get tokens which depend on your final result, and if you collect enough of them, you get to enter tournaments, raffles, or exchange them for a prize. Even though it is unusual, most people prefer the second prize form because they can play whenever they want and are not restricted to a tournament.

Sites that Offer Real Money Skill-Based Games

If you want to play skill-based games for real money, then you are in luck, because there are numerous real money skill games sites which allow you to play and receive rewards or cash.

That is why we have decided to pick the ten best real money skill game sites. They are not ranked in order, so you will have to read the description of the side and decide if it is right for you or not. We have also researched what games they have, if their layout is stylish, and what their functionality is.

1. Kickback

This website rewards its customers with cash and bonuses when they play video games. It is not one of the traditional real money skill games sites, but more of a skin which can be added to your game so that you can match against opponents and deposit/withdraw money.

Games Available

At the moment, the only games they have are Counter-Strike and Minecraft; however, they are hugely popular, which makes this not a bad deal for the website. In the future, we think that more and more games will be added to their library.

Real money tournaments

You play against other users and receive points which depend on how well you do in the match. In Minecraft, you get points for fan votes, and in Counter-Strike, points are awarded for kills.

Layout and functions

what are the gaming offers at the site of kickbackFortunately, Kickback has a partnership with PayPal and is legal in the States and Canada. Kickback provides gamers with an innovative way to win money and have fun at the same time. Hopefully, they will also introduce a feature which allows people to play for fun only.

2. World Winner

This one of the real money skill games sites does not have a wide variety of games, and sometimes you will face technical problems, but it still has its positives.

Games available

They have a total of 22 games which are divided in different categories, including arcades, cards, game shows, word games, and strategies for gaming. The most popular games are Tetris, Solitaire, Spades, Price is Right, and Wheel of Fortune.

Real money tournaments

You have two options if you want to play for real money – either deposit 10$ to enter a competition, or earn points and exchange them for rewards and money later.

Layout and functionality

Unfortunately, World Winner is not the best when it comes to the technical side of things. If you want to begin a new game, you need to restart the website, which is very annoying. Hopefully, they will improve this so that everything becomes faster.


This is another unique choice when it comes to real money skill games sites, because it offers a racing game from which you can make a profit. You can play against other people on real tracks and make wagers.

Games available

why the betandrace site is the right place to betThere is only one game, but it is somewhat unique, and you have the opportunity to improve your skills in the training mode.

Real money tournaments

You can choose the “Play Money” option and start racing against three other drivers and improve your statistics or the “Real Money” option where you can face up to seven other drivers. Keep in mind that you need to be over 18 years old to play this mode.

Layout and functions

The game looks incredibly well and is a simulation of street racing around the world. The betting system is on point and has limits which won’t allow extravagant bets. Overall, we think that this is a great website for racing fanatics.

4. Dice Arena

For all of you backgammon lovers, Dice Arena should be your first stop among real money skill games sites. It has an instant-play option and software which looks impressive. There are two different game modes – Fun and Real Money. It is easy to register and even though the website is not the most popular out there, there are still some high-quality players.

Games available

The only gaming option you will find here is backgammon. You can play it on their website or download it.

Real money tournaments

There are many tournaments available in the main lobby. You can also select a single game or a full match. As we mentioned earlier, you can play for fun or real money. You also need to register to participate in a tournament.

Layout and functions

We were not impressed by their design, but the most important thing is that the website is fast, although the graphics are not something to brag about. Some of the tables look a bit too cartoonish, which is unusual for this era of realism. It is obvious that the creators did not spend much time designing the website so that they can create a better game.

5. Casinorip

can you play table games online at casinoripThis is one of the few real money skill games sites mentioned here that offers cash games and skill & luck games. That makes it illegal in some countries, unlike other money gambling websites.

Games Available

At Casinorip you will find many games such as slots, lotto, table games, skill games, and board games, but we will focus only on the last two. You can find games like Uno and Monopoly where you receive tokens that can be exchanged for merchandise. There are not any tournaments for skill and board games, so your only option is to collect points. Most people play these games in order to gather funds for the classic betting games.

Real money tournaments

We already said that there are no tournaments, and you can only collect tokens.

Layout and functionality

The website is focused towards online punters, so it has quite the stylish design. It is easy to navigate, and the colors do not hurt your eyes.

6. does not have a huge game library like other real money skill games sites, but its strength lies in having the newest social games which are attractive for many young players.

Games available

There are eighteen social games, and the most popular are:

  • Candy Crush
  • Diamond Digger
  • Farm Heroes
  • Paradise Bay
  • Pet Rescue

Real money tournaments

how to play the farm hero saga at king.comTournaments are unavailable, so you have to collect points by playing against other people and exchange them later for different bonuses and rewards like cash or raffle tickets.

Layout and functionality

The design of the website is unattractive, although the games look decent. Most of them can be played on a mobile phone.

7. Play 65

This site is considered one of the best real money skill games sites options for backgammon players. There are many users, and you can choose between playing for fun or real money. The design is impressive, and it is very unlikely that the game will glitch or lag. There are scheduled tournaments and hourly games.

Games available

You can only play backgammon here, but there are different varieties. You can choose between tournaments, single, or longer matches. There is also the option of downloading the game for free or playing the web version.

Real money tournaments

One of the best things about this website is the tournament section. There are many different varieties such as Even, Knockout, Sit & Go, Swing, and Satellite. The rules for each one are different, so you may need to check them before starting to play. However, you can also collect points by playing a regular match and exchange them for a wide variety of rewards.

Layout and functionality

has play65 got great layout and functionalityThe website has not impressed with its design, mainly due to the terrible color scheme. The text is difficult to read, which makes navigation a lot harder. Still, the games are excellent, and you can play backgammon whenever you want.

8. Game Duell

This game provider is not so popular in the United States because it is based in Germany. They have a vast game library and one of the most stylish designs out of all the real money skill games sites that we listed. There are more than 5 million games available to their 130 million user base.

Games available

You will find tournament-style and cumulative games. The former are time restricted, and you need to get the highest score. In cumulative games, you can play the games regularly and collect points which can be exchanged for prizes.

Real money tournaments

There are no tournaments available, so the only way you can gather points is by playing against friends.

Layout and functionality

As we said earlier, the website looks impressive. You can easily find whatever it is that you are looking for, and even though the graphics are not eye-grabbing, the functionality of the website is second to none.

9. Spadester

where can you play spades for real moneyFor people who like to play Spades for real money, this is a great option when we talk about real money skill games sites. The website does not have any real competitors, although there are other places where you can play this game.

Games available

There is only one game – Spades. You can download it or play the web version. There is also a choice between fun and real money games.

Real Money tournaments

There are three options when it comes to playing Spades:

  • Free
  • Matches for prizes
  • Tournaments for cash

The prizes are usually free entries to tournaments or tickets for cash raffles.

Layout and functionality

The design of the site itself is not beautiful, but the game looks decent. It is quite obvious that the creators did not put much thought into the layout. We have also heard about some issues with the payments, so keep that in mind before deciding to register.

10. Stargames

Lastly, we have Stargames which is an online casino, so as one of the listed real money skill games sites, it focuses on traditional gambling tournaments, although it still has skill games.

Games available

why should you visit stargames web casinoThere are five different categories from which you can choose: slots, casino, bingo, poker, and skill games. There are numerous options for each type, varying from slots to blackjack. There are 69 games in total, and you can play them all of them for cash.

Real money tournaments

You can either bet on the traditional gambling games or participate in the skill tournaments where there is a prize pool.

Layout and functionality

For people who have experience with online casinos, the design will seem pretty familiar. The design and interface are decent, but sometimes it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.

Our Verdict

With skill-based games, you get money in exchange for how skilled you are. Almost all of these games are legal, even in places where the law forbids gambling. It is crucial to differentiate between skill and luck games, especially if you are a beginner in online gambling.

Skill-based games have a lot of potential, especially in today’s age of mobile gaming. Most betting websites are ready to take advantage by creating stylish and functional games for mobile devices which have the same quality as their web counterparts. If the laws do not change, people will be able to enjoy these games for quite a long time.

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