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The Best Real Money Slots Online

Considering the best real money slots online, we would say that we never thought that people would want to play slots online when real money isn’t involved. However, there are free slots which allow you to earn points and spend them by playing other games at the same site.

This article will tell you more about the best real money slots online. We will also explain to you the difference between real money slots and free slot machines.

Real Money Slots vs. Free Slots

People often wonder how free slot machines make a profit and the answer to that question is simple – by having adverts. The person who owns the free slot machine game makes money by selling advertising space on their website/app. Sometimes the ads are for online casinos which offer slots for real money. That is a smart move, because you already have the targeted audience visiting the website.

what is the difference between free and real money slotsOf course, not all websites advertise online casinos, but most of their ads are not far away from the casino industry. Another traditional method is to use internet-based advertising, which means that the ads are tailored to you personally after looking at your browser history.

We think that sites, which advertise online casinos make more money, than those who use Internet-based ads. Punters are a valuable asset to gambling websites, so they are willing to pay enough money in order to acquire them. Keep reading to find about the pros and cons about slot machines and the type of slot machine games.

Real Money Slots – Positives and Negatives

We always try to show both sides when analyzing a subject, so do not expect anything different here. The biggest pro when you play free slots is that you cannot lose cash. Of course, this means that you will resist the temptation of buying the advertised products on the page, or else the whole thing becomes pointless. However, you also cannot win anything by playing free slots. There are some places which offer prizes, but the chances of you winning something from there are very slim.

Still, some people enjoy these games, but we do not see what is so fun about them. If you know how slots work, the whole theater that gets played in front of you becomes boring very quickly. And let’s be honest, winning fake money at a slots website is not especially thrilling.

When we take a look at the best real money slots online, we can see that there are a lot of negatives there as well. The house edge usually is massive and is around 5%. There are slots in the Las Vegas Airport which have a house edge varying between 15% and 25%. At that point, we would recommend playing another game.

The house edge in blackjack is usually less than 1%, so you could see why we think that slots are not the best gambling choice if you want to win money. However, slot machines do have some pros which cannot be found at other games that offer better odds.

The thought of winning a huge jackpot is always tempting, and that is the biggest advantage which slot machines can offer you. With blackjack, you will probably be even, or if you are lucky, you can make a profit of up to eight times the initial bet. However, with the best online slots for real money  you can win up to a million times your initial bet if you are incredibly lucky.

Of course, that is only theoretical, and the odds of that happening are not in your favor, but some people only need the hope of that to enjoy slots. That is why we advise you to bet responsibly. They often dream of winning the big bucks and have a plan of spending them, although it almost never happens. Keep reading to find about the pros and cons about slot machines and the type of slot machine games.

Slot Machine Types

There are three top variations of the Best Real Money Slots Online depending on the game-play:


which are the best types of the online slot machinesWe can differentiate between various slot machines by checking out the number of reels and paylines their games possess. There are usually only two types – three and five reel slots.

Of course, there are some exceptions for the best real money slots online, but most games have either three or five reels. The older slot games have three reel slots, and the outcome is usually pre-determined by a computer which is also known as a random number generator. The coils only create the illusion that you are waiting for an outcome in real time. The older three reel slots have reels which spin and are not controlled by a computer.

The five reel slots are similar to their counterpart because a random number generator also controls them. The reels are spinning, but that is just a computer animation. However, the biggest difference is when it comes to paylines. With the 3 reel slots, you can win only if all 3 symbols match. On the other hand, video slots have various patterns which can allow you to win something, but you need to place a bet on each payline if you want to win. There are different alternatives – with 3, 5, 25, or even 50 paylines.

There are also games that do not have any paylines, so you simply need to have a matching symbol in order to receive money. Machines like that are called 243 ways slots and their popularity in countries like Australia is increasing rapidly. You can also probably find 7 reel slots, but they are relatively new, and no one know if they will be a success or not. Keep reading to find about the pros and cons about slot machines and the type of slot machine games.


Another way to categorize slot machines is by seeing what type of pot they offer. There are two options here – flat top or progressive slots. Flot top slot games have a particular number as a jackpot, and it does not change as the game progresses, for example, if the maximum prize is 5000 coins, then this is a flat top slots game.

But if the jackpot gets bigger with every hand played, then you have progressive slots. The most popular jackpots out there are progressive, like the Mega Millions which can reach up to a total of 10+ million dollars.

is it hard to hit the jackpot at the slots websitesYou can categorize progressive slots into another subcategory of the best real money slots online – the number of machines which are connected to the jackpot. Sometimes there are standalone jackpots where only one game is responsible for the total prize amount. There are also cases where the jackpot is collected from nine or twelve games and gets bigger after each play.

The biggest progressive jackpots are the ones connected to many slot machines in numerous casinos. That way the prize pool can reach up to 1 million dollars. It’s far less likely that you will win that jackpot because the prize pot consists of a percentage of each wager.

Probably the most important thing about slot machines is choosing the type of game that you will be playing. We think that it is best to play flat top jackpot games unless you are one of those people who wants to win the life in a time jackpot. Keep reading to find about the pros and cons about slot machines and the type of slot machine games.


Some of the most common denominations accepted by the best real money slots online are:

  • Pennies
  • Nickels
  • Dimes
  • Quarters
  • Dollars

However, that does not mean that one dollar is the upper limit. There are slots where you can bet 100$ each spin. Another thing which can be misleading is that, for example, when a machine has a “penny slot”, people only play with a penny each spin. They could do that, but that way they will not be able to win the big jackpot because they activate just one payline.

Nowadays, you get to bet on numerous paylines, and some games can have up to 50 of them. However, we would recommend playing something which has a higher denomination, but fewer paylines because the payback percentage will be larger.

Let’s say that the payout percentage for a slot machine is 90% – this means you win 90 cents for each dollar you wager. In other words, you will lose 10 cents per dollar. Of course, this may not be the real result in the short run, but the longer you play, the more correct this prediction will be.

what is important about best real money slots onlineYou need to keep in mind that if you play the best real money slots online for an extended period, the odds are that you probably will lose. We are not trying to discourage you from playing, but only to inform you what your chances are.

That is something which you can calculate by multiplying the number of bets per hour by the amount of each wager. You then multiply the result by the house edge and get the amount you will lose in an hour.

Let’s say that the average slots player bets 600 times in one hour. If each bet costs 1$ and the house edge is 10%, then 600$ x 10% is equal to an hourly loss of 60$. At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that the primary purpose of slot machines is to provide entertainment. Try and maintain the losses to a minimum without sacrificing the enjoyment you get from betting.

Best Real Money Slots Online Software

There are numerous software companies (including bingo gambling sites) which allow online casinos to use their programs. It is important to know how different software influences the slot machine games. Only a small part of the below-mentioned companies have any affiliations with brick and mortar casinos.


This company is one of the largest in the world when it comes to online gambling. They own the two hugely popular poker sites – Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars – and the buying price was more than 5 billion dollars. However, they do not limit themselves to online poker but chose to offer a broader range of gambling games, including the best real money slots online.

Their slot machine games are influenced by pop culture phenomena such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even popular video games such as Call of Duty. People who enjoy Australian slot games will be glad to hear that casinos powered by this software company can satisfy their demands.


Individuals who are interested in slots have probably heard of WagerWorks. They are the biggest provider of slots worldwide. Since 2005, the company began focusing on the online part of the gambling business which is great for punters, because now they can play their favorite slot games that were previously available only at brick-and-mortar casinos. Examples of these games include Monopoly, Elvis, and Wheel of Fortune.

Unfortunately, if you are from the United States, you cannot play in online casinos powered by WagerWorks. The only option left for you is to find a brick-and-mortar casino which offers the games that you want.

which are the best five reel real slots online

Boss Media

Boss Media have been around since 1996, so they are one of the most experienced players in the gambling business. However, their reputation is not as good as other big companies.

Even though the sites have high blackjack odds, the variety of best real money slots online offered by them is unimpressive. When we take a look at some of the slot machine games that they offer, we can find many unlicensed games like Break the Bank, Lost City, Irish Magic, and Diamond. These are plain treasure hunting games which do not have a lot of variety in them.

This is another company which does not accept payments from US customers.

Realtime Gaming

The software of Realtime Gaming is more on the cheaper side, which means that the games that they offer are not as good as those from other providers. However, that is not to say that the themes are unoriginal.

In fact, some slots like “Good to Be Bad” or “Mid Life Crisis” are quite impressive, and you should check them out if you get the chance. Their progressive jackpots section has a quite dull game selection, and you won’t find progressives at all RTG casinos.

If you are from the US, you will be happy to hear that Realtime Gaming accepts customers from there. Of course, that may not be the case at some casinos, but the software provider does not have any influence over that decision.


We were very impressed by the games offered by Cryptologic. They have acquired the licenses for Wonder Woman and the Fantastic Four, which is something to brag. Unfortunately, this software is not so popular, which means that only a small number of casinos use it. The ones who do do not accept US customers.


how to spin the slots of the best playtech sitesThis is another very old software company, but compared to companies like Microgaming, their slots are very different. You get fewer games with them, but the uniqueness factor is significantly larger. The progressive jackpots are not large, but the games available for them are many.

The Marvel “Power” games are incredibly fun to play. Other games include Spamalot Slightly Less, Safe Cracker, and Spamalot Holy Grail. US customers cannot bet a Playtech powered casinos.


This is the first online casino software ever created. The company offers a huge number of best real money slots online, as well as enormous progressive jackpots. Punters from the US cannot play for real money in Microgaming powered casinos; in fact, they cannot even access their websites. However, players from other places of the world will enjoy their progressive jackpots.

The number of slots there is around 400, which is very impressive. Some of their more popular games are Major Millions, Mega Mola, Lotsaloot, and Cash Splash. Microgaming also has licensed games, so they are a serious company with quite a lot of resources. Some of these games include slots based on Lara Croft, Batman, Lord of the Rings, and Hitman.

Strategy for Slots

Seeing as slot games seem somewhat random, you would think that strategies will not help you. However, that is not entirely accurate. We explained why you should avoid progressive slots, and why 3 reel slots give you a better chance of winning.

Our only other advice is to play on the machine which has the lowest denomination because even if somewhere else the payback percentage is bigger, it will not be enough to cover the additional costs.

If you try to minimize the expected hourly loss, then you have a bigger chance of winning money. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that video poker has greater payback percentages, and you get to decide things which will affect the outcome of the round.

Mobile Slot Apps

do the best real money slots have an online appThere are a lot of people who like to play the best real money slots online on their mobile phone or tablet. Most of these games are free, so if you have nothing against seeing ads all the time, then you can download the apps and play.

If you want to gamble for real money, then there are two possibilities – either download a casino application where the games are usually better or use the web version which is significantly downgraded and has fewer games.

Our Verdict

It is easy to find online slots, but most of the casinos will not accept customers from the United States who want to play for real money. So this leaves the Americans with the option of playing free slots, which seems pointless.

There are different types of slots, and they all offer a different possibility of winning, but the best way to make a profit when playing slot machine games is to use devices with low denominations and use 3 reel slots. That way you have a much bigger chance to come out of the website or casino with a profit, or at least to minimize your losses.

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