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Everything You Need to Know About the Best Real Money Sports Betting Sites

You should know the best real money sports betting sites. We have many articles on real-money betting in the casino, so it is important to know the difference between that and the free casino games. However, when it comes to real money sports gambling, there is no free version of this.

find the best real money sports betting websitesMost of the time when real money sports’ gambling is mentioned, it is usually about betting big sums on sporting events. If you are from the USA, you will probably have some legal queries about that.

That is why we have decided to create this page and explain to you the internal operations of gambling, and also tell you about the most popular sports for betting. Keep updated, by checking our website frequently for more information on the best real money sports betting sites.

Sportsbooks and Bookmakers

A “simple wager” is a bet that you make with your friends, for example, that Manchester United are going to win Saturday’s match. However, that is not the focus of our article about the best real money sports betting sites.

If you want to bet a significant amount of cash, then you will need to find another side which will match your bet. Fortunately, that is what the bookmakers are doing. If you are a United States citizen, then you cannot make such a bet over the telephone due to the Wire Act. It can be done only through businesses which have their headquarters in Las Vegas, and they will not accept online or phone bets.

Of course, there always will be someone who will neglect the rule so that he can take your bet, for example, a bar owner. They are often unregulated, and unless they become huge, they will probably continue to be so.

The UK is on the opposite site of the spectrum because gambling there is legal and under strict regulation. That seems like the best decision, seeing as people should be free to decide how they want to spend their money.

When you are using one of the best real money sports betting sites, you are always protected, and your money is safe, which cannot be said about your neighborhood bar.

what sports games can you bet on via the web

We are not preaching that drinking and gambling are the best ways to spend time and money, but some people will do that anyway, regardless whether it is legal or not. We do not see why the government should not strive to protect its people.

An analogy can be made with breweries because if they are regulated, then the product is safe to consume. If gambling in the US was legal, the same effect could be achieved, but unfortunately, that is not how the legislators think at this moment.

Odds in Internet Gambling

Bookmakers have odds which raise the appeal for specific bets, but it is simply a way to allow them to break even or make a profit. Most of the times, one team will be better than the other, so the odds would need to reflect that. Here are some of the different formats for odds that are often used:

American Odds

This format has a goal to make bets more desirable to potential customers. The amount of your bet can be any number, but the odds are compared to 100$. Let us say that we have a football match and the odds are -130 and +120. The minus sign means that you will need to bet 120$ if you want to win 100$. If there is a plus sign, then that is how much you will win when you make a 100$ bet. In our example, your winnings are 120$.

If you bet on the first team with odds -130, you will not win as much money, but the probability of the first team winning is bigger. The opposite applies if you choose to bet on the underdog.

Decimal/Fractional Odds

why do the odds for online sports betting matterbest real money sports betting sites is different.

We fancy decimal odds more than the American odds , because they are way easier to use. You just multiply the odds with the amount that you are going to bet, and the result is your winnings. Let us say one team has odds of 2.10, while the other has 3.20. If you bet 100$ on the first team, and they win, you receive 210$, which means that your profit is 110$. The same applies for the second team if they win. See how easier that is compared to the American version?

Things you Should Consider

Keep in mind that gambling odds are not the accurate representation of two team’s chances because there is usually a handicap so that the bookmakers can profit.

If bookies used the real odds for the matches, at the end they will be even. It is not worth it to put so much time and effort into a business and not win money, so we understand from where they are coming.

The profit of gambling operators is between 10% and 20%, so they need to have enough money to pay the winners using the losers’ money, and have enough left over for themselves.

Best Real Money Sports Betting Sites Sharps

These are punters who can spot errors in the odds of bookmakers who can help them make a profit. However, achieving that is tough, seeing as the bookies are very well informed and spend a lot of time in choosing their odds.

Still, if you can make a profit when gambling with real money, then sports betting is definitely for you and you should prioritize it above counting cards in blackjack or be superb at poker.

Is the Sports Betting Legal?

is it legal to bet on sports matches via mobileYou cannot run a sports betting company in the US, although there are exceptions to this rule in some states, for example, Montana, Oregon, Delaware, and Nevada. However, even there you cannot place bets on sporting events using the internet or the telephone due to the Wire Act.

According to polls, most sports organizations, like the NFL, think that the legalization of sports betting can be fatal for the game’s integrity and fairness. It is a weird argument, considering that illegal betting has not influenced the integrity so far.

In Europe, sports betting is a legal and regulated industry, so the punters are protected by the law. It is far more likely that your local bar owner will disappear with your winnings than a regulated gambling operator.

Most Popular Sports for Betting

At the best real money sports betting sites you can place bets on all sports which do not have a predetermined outcome. The different bet types depend on the sport itself because some are more dynamic than others.

Here is a list of some of the most entertaining sports in the world and a couple of sentences on how you can bet on them:

  • Baseball – This is a very popular sport in the USA, and the majority of wagers are moneyline, runline, total, or future. Below we will explain their purpose.
  • Basketball – Basketball is another beloved sport in the States, regardless whether it is the NCAA or the NBA. The most popular bet in basketball is the point spread bet, but you can also place wagers on moneyline and total.
  • Boxing – Compared to UFC and MMA, boxing’s popularity has declined in the recent years, but it is certainly not out of the picture yet. You can make a moneyline bet on the winner of the fight or on when the fight will end.
  • Cricket – This explanation is for our American audience who may not know what cricket its. The most similar American sport to it is baseball, which means that the wager types are almost the same. Cricket is beloved by Canadians, Brits and Australians.
  • Cycling – Cycling is well-known for its Tour de France where you can bet on the winner by using moneyline or fractional odds.
  • Darts – Many people who live in the US think of darts as a pub game, and the same goes for pool. You will often see bets being made between the competitors, but Americans rarely bet on darts when using a bookmaker. That is not the case in many other countries, especially Britain. which are the most popular sports you can bet on
  • E-Sports – This phenomenon has emerged recently onto the gambling scene. In short, e-sports are the competitions held for professional gamers who can play a game in a tournament.
  • American Football – This is probably the most popular sport for punters in the US, and specifically when it is Super Bowl time. Just like in basketball, there is a professional league (NFL) and college football (NCAA), both extremely popular amongst punters. The most common betting type is a moneyline bet.
  • Golf – Golf is similar to basketball because most people can play it, but not professionally. Most of the gambling is done on the PGA Tours. The most used wager here is “odds to win”, but you can also bet on head to head, group matchups, and futures.
  • Handball – There are Americans who follow handball, but it is hugely popular in Germany and Spain. The betting forms at the best real money sports betting sites are match, handicap, total goal betting, and futures.
  • Hockey – The NHL is not as famous as basketball or football, but that means that there are lower betting limits. The most popular bets include moneyline, totals, and puck line.
  • Horse Racing – Horse racing is one of the more unusual sports, but there are many betting opportunities available for it, for example, win, place, and show. There are many resources dedicated to horse betting.
  • Motorsports – The most popular ones here are Formula 1 and NASCAR, and you usually bet on the individual participants.
  • Rugby – Even though rugby is a relatively low-key sport in the US, Europeans seem to love it. The most beloved bets are supremacy, season points, outright winner, first try scorer, futures, and match bets.
  • Snooker – Again, this is another sport which is more popular in the UK than America. The easiest way to bet is to predict the winner, but you can also make handicap and market bets on the best real money sports betting sites.
  • Football/Soccer – To avoid confusion, we will call this sport soccer, but Europeans do not like it when it is called that way. Recently, it became very popular in the USA, but it is always been a beloved sport in Europe. The most popular bets are moneylines, totals, and goal lines.
  • Tennis – You can make moneyline and prop bets in tennis, which is not an unknown sport in the States.
  • UFC/MMA – UFC is the most popular MMA organization, although it is not the only one. We mentioned earlier that this sport had outgrown boxing in popularity, so the betting opportunities are similar.

how to choose a sport and what bet to place

Types of Wagers for Sports Betting

  • Second-Half Bets – It is probably obvious from the name, but second half bets apply only for the outcome of the second half. The most used scenario for them is when your first half bet at the best real money sports betting sites did not win.
  • Future bets – This is a bet made on an event which will happen in the future, for example, betting on who will win the championship, or who will be the goal scorer of a tournament. In a way, it is similar to the stock market. Goal Line, Run Line, and Puck Line wagers – With these bets, the winner is determined by the number of goals/pucks/runs made in the game.
  • H2H bets – This one should be fairly obvious too. “Head to head” bets help determine the winner between two participants. Sometimes, when it is a team sport, you can single out two players and bet on which one will do better in the game.
  • If wagers – These are similar to parlays and are a good option for those of you who do not have a lot of money in their bank. You can place various wagers, but they depend on the previous outcomes.
  • In-Play bets – You can make an In-Play bet during the actual event. It is also known as a live bet, and most wagers can be done both before and during the game.
  • Moneyline wagers – With these wagers, you just pick the team that you think is going to win.
  • Parlays – These bets require you to gamble on more than one event, for example, if you bet on five games, you need to win all of these wagers, but the winnings are going to be massive.
  • where to find the main types of sport bets listed Points spread – These bets are mostly seen in football. The winner needs to win by a particular point different, and if they do not, the losing team ends up being the winner in this bet.
  • Progressive Parlays – You need to make parlay bets on between four and twelve events, and if they are correct, you get a massive payoff.
  • Position bets – Also known as prop bets; you can place a wager on something happening in a match which may not have a direct influence on the result.
  • Simple bets – These are the small bets that you make with friends or simple wagers that you make with the bookie.
  • Teasers – This bet type has a lot of similarities with prop bets, although you can change the point spreads however you wish, you will get smaller odds.

Online Real Money Sports Betting

For those of you reading this article and living in the United States, you have no other choice but to use an online gambling website or your neighborhood bookmaker if you want to bet on something without going to Vegas. We recommend that you check our website regularly for more information about the best real money sports betting sites.

If you decide to use your neighborhood bookmaker, it can be more engaging when you know the bookie. Of course, if your friends are into gambling, they are probably also making their bets there. You also receive your money much quicker, and you do not have to pay any transaction fees.

However, if you are looking for a wide variety of betting options, then your local bookie may not be the right place for you. The betting limits are usually lower than online websites, and you do not get the same variety of sports offered.

Online bookmakers also have welcome bonuses which will match your first deposit or offer you a free bet without you having to give them any money. That is something that you will not see at your neighborhood bookmaker.

We are not saying that all local bookmakers are shady, but it is more likely to get scammed by them than by an online gambling site. No matter where you choose to place your bets, you need to research the place carefully before making a decision.

which are the best real money sports betting sitesOur website has many reviews for the best real money sports betting sites, where you can learn everything you need to know about them.

For US residents, it is much harder to find a good site which is willing to do its business in America due to the strict regulations there.

Another good advice is to ask other punters on forums or social media. You will often find players with more experience than you who are willing to help. Be careful when reading bookmaker reviews because not all of them are written by trustworthy people who are unbiased in their verdict. Always look for facts that you can check yourself and make a decision. Pros and cons are usually fairly objective so that you can use them as guidelines. That is why we advise you to check out our reviews for the best real money sports betting sites.

Sports betting in the USA is illegal in most states, so you need to think carefully before deciding whether to do it or not. Our advice is to follow the law and not do anything illegal. However, it is very unlikely that you will be arrested for betting on a sporting event like the Super Bowl over the internet or via your neighborhood bookmaker.

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