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What Makes a Good Betting Site for Cash Wagers

How can you determine what a good betting site looks like? One of the main reasons why we created TopBettingSite is to help our readers pick out quality gambling operators which they can use. To do so, we have spent numerous hours researching various bookmakers and testing them ourselves, so that we can judge their quality firsthand.

A frequently asked question is about the qualities that betting sites should possess, but it’s very hard to give a simple answer to it, mainly because each punter has different preferences and sometimes their opinions differentiate vastly.

That is why we have decided to create this page and give you what we think are the most important qualities a gambling site should have. Of course, this is only our opinion, so we will also give you information why did we choose these attributes.

Security and Safety

Many people have concerns whether gambling sites are secure and safe because they entrust them with their money and personal information. Here are the main things you should look out for when you are searching for a secure bookmaker:

does each betting site offer safety and security

License and Regulation

A worldwide organization doesn’t regulate gambling, but there are many local jurisdictions responsible for different parts of the world. In these jurisdictions, you will find many various organizations which are responsible for specific regions.

Each good betting site must fulfill all of the requirements and standards set by the licensing authorities. If they don’t, the bookmakers won’t receive a license, or will lose the one they already have.

Some of these authorities have very strict rules, while others have a more flexible approach to things.

Even though almost all of the betting sites are licensed, they don’t all fulfill the same requirements, so we suggest sticking with those who are subjected to strict regulation.

Background and Reputation

We don’t like to write out new betting websites because sometimes a great one will pop up, but it’s better to trust those who have been around for a while and have a proven reputation and track record. You just feel more secure when using those websites instead of one that has been around for a short time.

Separation of Funds

People always want to know that their money is in a safe place when they make a deposit at a gambling site, so it’s always nice when the bookmaker separates their funds from those deposited by their customers. That is often something required by the licensing authorities.

Good Betting Site Software

what is the online software quality for sports betting

The software and technology of a website play a huge part in determining how secure it is. The encryption of financial transactions and customer data is crucial; otherwise, hackers could access that information.

To determine if a bookmaker is secure or not, we go through a couple of steps. First, we check their license and which regulation governs them. Then we take a look at the security measures they provide for their customers such as SSL encryption.

Last but not least, we do a background check on them to spot any traces of fraudulent activity such as not paying out winnings. Of course, we take into account that a website can improve as time passes, but also lower its standards. If there is a change of ownership, it’s also taken into consideration. However, there is only so much that can be done by checking their past results.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The ability to deposit and withdraw money effortlessly when gambling is crucial to a satisfying experience. Here are the key points we take into consideration:

Deposit options

Having many deposit options to choose from has become a necessity at each good betting site. The minimum is considered as depositing with a debit/credit card, bank transfer, and cheque. The most popular e-wallets are also very common, even though they are unavailable in some countries. It’s important for the customer to have the power to choose from a wide variety of options.

Withdrawal Options

Even though there are some restrictions regarding withdrawals in different parts of the world, punters still need to have the possibility to choose from at least a couple of options when it comes to withdrawing money.

Additional fees for Transactions

Fees usually accompany online transactions, so the fact that online bookmakers have them too shouldn’t come as a surprise. A deposit fee is something we do not approve of, but fortunately, it’s very rare at most gambling websites. However, withdrawal fees are more common, even though they are usually tiny.

how fast can you withdraw cash from a betting site

Withdrawal Speed

It’s normal that withdrawing money takes time and often isn’t an instant process (although some websites manage to offer exactly that). However, it’s unacceptable to have long waiting times (a couple of days), except when it comes to withdrawing large sums of money.

To find out more about the efficiency of financial transactions, we contact the sites and ask them about the details, but most of the time the information is available on their website for everyone to see. If it’s not, we try to test them ourselves and figure out the average waiting times for deposits and withdrawals.

Customer Experience

One of the main advantages online gambling has over traditional betting is making sure that the customers are as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the factors that play a role in this:

Layout and navigation

One of the things that make a good first impression is a neat design which is easy to navigate. It’s not difficult to do and can easily improve the overall betting experience. People should have no problem navigating through the website quickly and finding what they are looking.

Customer support

Most people don’t take this aspect into consideration when evaluating a good betting site, but when they have to use it, they realize what a huge part it plays in the grand scheme of things, especially if the customer support isn’t up to par. Unfortunately, many of the gambling operators also don’t rate customer support that highly, which is a shame, however, you will find that the best sites have this area covered.

Software Quality

find a great software for a real money bet

Technology is always improving, so there aren’t any excuses for betting sites that don’t have the top quality software. You won’t have many complaints if you use a big website. However, there are still some that haven’t adapted and use old software which sometimes doesn’t even work right. That can lead to a frustrating experience for the customers.

This area of the website can be assessed only by testing and using other people’s opinions so that things are as balanced as possible.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

Even though we listed most important things you should look for, there are still many others worth mentioned:

Promotions and Bonuses

Nowadays almost every good betting site has attractive bonuses and promotions for their customers. The most common form is the welcome bonus which is targeted towards new customers when they make their first deposit. Of course, current customers can also benefit from other promotions such as cashback, reload bonuses, and many others.

The amount which you will receive from these promotions varies widely. The top bookies can afford to give more, while others are on a stricter budget. We think that more is better, and we reflect that in our reviews. However, that doesn’t always mean that you should choose the one with the biggest bonus amount because a big bonus with difficult to fulfill terms and requirements aren’t as attractive as a small bonus which can be withdrawn easier.

Betting Markets and Options

There are some websites which specialize in a particular sport, so other options become irrelevant. However, we prefer bookmakers that have a variety of betting markets and options. That applies especially to casinos, as well as poker games. Having many different sports to pick from is always a huge benefit.

Mobile Version

Mobile gambling is gaining popularity, so most websites should have adapted by now. The functions of the mobile app should be the same as the ones on a computer or laptop.

Our Verdict

what can a good betting site offer to the gamblers

This article could’ve been a lot bigger if we decided to include all of the things that make a good betting site, but we decided to focus on some of the essential qualities which significantly improve the overall gambling experience.

Betting sites are getting better and better as time passes, and even though we haven’t found a flawless bookmaker, some websites are very close to being there. Others have an excellent standard nonetheless, and very few are really poor.

That means people should spend more time researching so that they can pick the website that suits them best. You could just choose at random, but it’s always better to form your opinion on the subject rather than relying on fate and luck.

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