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It is confirmed that Kim Reignover Yeu-Jin will be replacing Joshua Dardoch Hartnett as the jungler for Team Liquid for the LCS Spring Split 2017. Yesterday, Reignover left his last team – Immortals just a few hours prior Team Liquid’s announcement about the departure of Dardoch. A few months ago, Echo Fox announced that they will sign the pro jungler for the spring season. However, Riot Games could not approve the move back then, so now it is unclear if he still wants to sign with them. On an episode of Liquid LOL, Dardoch stated that the next split is also going to be quite exciting for him because he will be essentially getting a brand new start and he will  be leaving Team Liquid. Moreover, as part of Immortals, Reignover helped them take 3rd place in the NA LCS Spring as well as the Summer Playoffs this year. However, the dominant NA roster was not able to qualify for the Worlds in spite of their strong performances in both of the splits. Before deciding to join Immortals, Reignover was part of Fnatic’s last year roster that placed first in the last year’s EU LCS Summer during the regular season with a perfect 18-0 record, after which he went on to place 3rd-4th at the Worlds. During September, Noah Whinston, the CEO of Immortals gave the IMT LoL roster the opportunity to field offers from other teams while still under contract. Furthermore, Reignover was placed with CLG as the coach for Jake “Xmithie” Puchero before the Worlds.
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