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Staff and Customers from Betting Shops Asked…

Approximately 325,000 bookie shop employees and customers backed a petition, which is calling for the Government to support the industry that has been a part of town centres and high streets for 55 years. This petition is a part of the Back Your Local Bookie campaign. It was presented to 10 Downing Street by staff members who represent major operators as well as family-run businesses. Currently, betting shops have over 6 million customers and employ over 43k people. Not to mention that they contribute each year more than approximately £1 billion in tax as well as £76 million in business rates. Moreover, they are paying each year £250 million to horse racing as well as £35 million to greyhound racing through media rights and levy payments. Betting retail stores have introduced a range of responsible gambling measures during the last couple of years. These go far beyond what is required by the laws, and the companies have even set out a huge plan of further measures, which they agreed to with the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board. Moreover, they will continue to work with the Government as well as the UK Gambling Commission to develop these new measures to help to identify problem gamblers and to ensure that they get the help they need. This campaign is called “Back Your Local Bookie”, and it was launched after nearly 300 betting shops closed during the last couple of years as a result of higher taxes and more regulation. Staff members and customers now fear that there could be hundreds of more closures if any more unnecessary regulations are introduced by the Government.
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