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The Martingale Betting System – As Popular as Riskfull

The Martingale is one of the most well-known and ancient gambling systems out there, but it’s also very straightforward because you don’t have to make complicated calculations to use the Martingale betting system. All you need is simple math and following a couple of steps.

 when to use the martingale system for making a bet onlineIt is a negative betting progression, so you will have to raise your stakes if you lose a bet. The idea is that the chance of you losing many wagers in a row is slim, and you are going to win at least once in a while. That may seem sound, but trust us, it’s not.

Many punters have tested this system, mainly because it’s uncomplicated, but also because it looks reliable. However, you should know that success is never guaranteed when using a betting system, so you should be skeptical towards everything.

We came to the conclusion that this is a dangerous system to use for many punters, and we will reveal the reasons for that later. Below you will find basic information about the system, other variations that can be used, and the reason it’s not as successful as you may think.

How to use the Martingale Betting System?

This system is very popular among casino games which give you the chance to place even money wagers, for example, when you bet live on odds or even on roulette. You can also deploy it on games such as blackjack, craps, baccarat, and even sports betting.

We mentioned earlier that the system is very simplified because there are only two things you should do:

  • Double the stake when you lose
  • Bet one base unit when you win

Overall, these are the main rules of the Martingale. You can select whatever sum you want for the base unit, but it’s better for it to be a small number.

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Application of the Martingale System

Here is an example of the Martingale betting system when playing roulette. Our base stake will be 5, and we will wager it on even each time. The first bet will be 5 on even, if you win, the next bet will still be 5. If the wheel lands on an odd number, you double your stake and make it 10. If you lose again, make it 20.

how can you apply the martingale when bettingThe idea of the system is that you double up after a loss until you finally win. Then, you will end up with a profit of your initial stake. Here is an example:

  • Stake = 5, loss. In the bank: -5
  • Stake = 10, loss. In the bank: -15
  • Stake = 20, loss. In the bank: -35
  • Stake = 40, win. In the bank: 5
Regardless of how many times you lose, or the amount of your initial stake, in the end, your profit when winning a wager will always be the one base unit.

That may sound good, and many people think that their winnings are guaranteed, but let’s see why that is not the case here.

Is the Martingale Betting System Successful?

The Martingale may provide you with short-term benefits and can even be successful in the long run if you don’t have a lot of losing streaks, but if you do, that’s where things start to get ugly. If we look at things objectively, it’s bound to happen at one point in your gambling journey.

You don’t have to lose many times, for the stake to become too big, for example, when the initial stake is 5, and you lose five times in a row, you will have to stake 160 on your next bet. These streaks often happen and are not impossible, and when they do, your bankroll can take quite a hit. In this example, you would have to raise your stake 32 times, and the chance of winning the next roll still is 50/50.

That is one of the biggest shortcomings of the Martingale betting system. If you have an unlimited amount of money to spend, and there are no limits at the casino, the system can be excellent, but unfortunately, these things don’t exist. You will always reach a moment when you can’t afford to make another bet, or the stake will exceed the maximum allowed limit.

There is always the option of starting from the beginning after a losing streak, but don’t expect to have any profits left at the end. Many people think that a losing streak would never happen to them, but considering that the odds of winning or losing a bet are the same, they shouldn’t become complacent.

This phenomenon is called the gambler’s fallacy, and can lead many punters to lose their bankroll. Just because the wheel landed on a red number five times in a row, it doesn’t mean that the next spin will land on black.

what is the sequence of the martingale betting system

Other Versions of the Martingale

John Henry Martingale, an owner of a gambling house, is considered to be the creator of this system. He recommended the system to the punters who were his customers, which makes sense because he wanted them to lose money.

However, he didn’t create this system, because the method of doubling your stake when you lose was around for quite some time. The system is ancient, and by now you would have thought that it would’ve been phased out of existence, but there are still gamblers who use it today.

They even created alternative versions of the Martingale betting system, which follow the same principle, so it’s safe to assume that they are unsuccessful.

The Mini Martingale

what is the right way to apply the mini-martingaleHere you set a limit on the number of times that the stake will be doubled. That way you can avoid raising the stakes so high that you can’t afford to make another bet. Even though this will help you out a little, there is still the risk of going on a losing streak and start losing money slowly.

The Anti-Martingale

The Anti-Martingale (also known as the Reverse Martingale) is the opposite of the original system, which means you double the stake after a win. That way you can make some profits if you go on a lengthy winning streak, however, self-control is a crucial factor, seeing as you can lose the winnings after just one wager. That is considered to be a more risk-free option than the original, but you are not guaranteed to win.

The Grand Martingale

This version is concentrated on removing the problem of the reward being too small when considering the risks you take. That means you don’t just double up on your stake but also add another betting unit. It is true that you can win more money that way, but the risk becomes too significant because your stakes can get out of control even faster.

Our Verdict

If you want to ask for a conclusion, we don’t think that the reward is worth the risk with the Martingale betting system. If you win a bet, your profit is just one base unit, which doesn’t do you much good. We recommend trying it out for yourself at a free website before making any judgment calls so that you can see how deceitful this system can be. Of course, you may also get lucky and win, but we wouldn’t advise you to stick with the Martingale for a long time because sooner or later luck won’t be on your side.

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