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Progressive Betting Systems for Short-Term Gambling

Two factors contribute to the popularity of progressive betting systems. First, it’s incredibly easy to use them, and second, most punters think that they will win lots of money thanks to them. The progressive betting systems are usually learned quickly by gamblers because the person using it only has to follow some ground rules.

what can the progressive betting systems help me withThe problems start to arise when punters rely too much on these systems and are convinced that they work. The thing is, progressive betting systems are only useful for short-term winnings and they are ineffective for a longer period. Lots of people suffered significant losses because they didn’t want to accept the fact that the betting systems won’t do them any good in the long run.

That’s why we have decided to inform our readers about these concepts and provide an in-depth explanation which will help you understand why you shouldn’t use them. The two primary concepts that you should know about, and they are positive and negative progression systems.

General Information about Progression Systems

As we already mentioned, progressive systems are quite easy to grasp. The basic concept is that you change the amount you bet depending on whether you win or lose. These adjustments are made according to the progressive system that you are using.

Positive System

  • Raise stakes when winning
  • Lower stakes when losing

Negative System

  • Lower stakes when winning
  • Raise stakes when losing

That is a fairly popular method for people who enjoy spending money playing in the casino, for example, many gamblers use these systems when playing roulette and make bets on red/black or odd/even. Blackjack is another game where people like to use progression systems.

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Positive Progressive Betting Systems

how does a positive progression benefit my bettingThis system isn’t as bad as the other one because you raise the stake when your bet wins and lower it when it loses. The idea behind this is to earn as much money as you can when you enter a winning streak and lose as little as possible when luck turns its back on you.

This strategy makes some sense because you make more money when you win and don’t lose as much when you don’t. Even though this system probably won’t harm you, it doesn’t improve your chances of winning a wager in any way.

One of the most famous examples of the positive progression is the Paroli system, mainly due to its simplicity. First, you chose your initial stake. Then, with each win you raise the stake by the amount of your initial stake. Each time you lose a bet, you start from the beginning and wager your initial stake.

Let’s say you want to play roulette using this system. Start with betting on black each time and bet an initial amount of $10.

  • Wheel lands on red. Next stake increases by $10 and becomes $20.
  • Wheel lands on red. Next stake increases by $10 and becomes $30.
  • Wheel lands on black. Next stake goes back to $10.

That is the simplest way to describe this progression. Each time you win, add $10 to your stake. If you lose, go back to betting $10.

  • Bet 1. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: +$10.
  • Bet 2. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: +$30.
  • Bet 3. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: +$60.
  • Bet 4. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: +$100.
  • Bet 5. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: +$150.

how to use a betting progression for the winYou can win a decent amount of money using this system if you get lucky and enter a winning streak. Let’s say you use this strategy and the wheel lands on black five times in a row, you would win 150$, when as if you didn’t use progressive betting and made a 10$ wager each time, you would win only 50$.

The same thing can be said about a losing streak, regardless whether you are using this method or not. If you lose five in a row, while betting online, both times you would lose $50 because each bet would be 10$. If you are fortunate and enter a winning streak and then lose the same number of spins in a row, you will make a profit.

However, it’s very unlikely that you will have these winning runs often. It’s more plausible that each spin will have a different colour than the last time, and in that case, you would lose money.

  • Bet 1. Stake $10. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: + $10.
  • Bet 2. Stake $20. Wheel lands on black. Lose. In the bank: – $10.
  • Bet 3. Stake $10. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: $0.
  • Bet 4. Stake $20. Wheel lands on black. Lose. In the bank: – $20.
  • Bet 5. Stake $10. Wheel lands on red. Win. In the bank: – $10.
  • Bet 6. Stake $20. Wheel lands on black, Lose. In the bank: – $30.

In the end, you lost $30 despite winning the same number of bets as losing because of the higher stakes you made after a win. If all of the stakes were the same, you would have broken even.

As you saw, in the long run, progression betting systems aren’t very efficient. The only positive about this is that losses are minimized with the progression system.

Negative Progressive Betting Systems

That is the complete opposite of the progression betting system, seeing as you raise your stakes if you lose and lower them if you win. Unfortunately, this could easily lead to disastrous results.

The logic behind this is that you will win eventually, and if you bet more money on your wins than your losses, the result should be profit.

what is the influence of a negative progressive systemLots of punters think that this makes sense, and that’s what gets them into trouble. The problem here is that you can’t know when your losing streak will end. If you play roulette and lose eight times in a row picking only one colour, you would probably think that the next spin will win, but the odds of you losing are the same.

The biggest mistake punters make is that they think previous events can affect future results. That’s simply not the case, so we wouldn’t recommend this betting system to anyone.

Just like all of the examples we made, the negative progression system can result in profit, but you would need a lot of luck for it to happen. In fact, it’s far more likely that you will lose vast sums of money when employing this strategy. Very often people run out of money before they break their losing streak or the bookmaker just limits them.

Our Verdict

We wouldn’t recommend any of the progressive betting systems to our readers, simply because they aren’t as useful as people think they are.

It can be a nice experiment to try it out for yourself and see what happens when using small amounts, but make sure to employ extreme caution when doing so because these systems are dangerous, and it’s far more likely for you to lose money when using them. It’s a good idea to set a stake limit so that you don’t go overboard and spend money you can’t afford to lose.

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