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What Does the Trump Win Mean For Bookmakers

According to Ladbrokes and William Hill, the Republican nominee’s victory is the biggest disappointment in political betting history. Despite the polls, which suggested otherwise, the possibility of a win was displayed last week, when the odds were slashed by the FBI investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email server while she was still Secretary of State. The Republican victory was a massive blow to the bookies. When it comes to the bets that were placed, the American presidential election, mirrored Brexit in an undeniable fashion. The larger bets were staked on Clinton. However, Trump exceeded her in the number of wagers placed on him. The traditional bookmaking business, not including the online industry, took approximately £20m altogether. 74% of the total sum of the wagers was placed on Clinton. However, 71% of the number of bets were staked on Trump. William Hill took approximately £4m of the result of the election, which is a record for any political event. They shared with us that this event wiped out all previous records on political betting and showed them what a popular subject betting on politics is. Betway also reported multiple payouts of thousands of pounds at giant odds. The blow came out after earlier reports suggested that the Donald Trump victory could be more catastrophic to bookies than the Brexit outcome or Leicester winning the league. However not all bookmakers reported enormous losses, Sporting Index reported that the Republican win will most likely result in a six-figure profit for the bookie.
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