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Twitch Partner Up with TSM and C9 to Bring the Mainstream Brands into Esports

A few days ago Twitch announced that it will be partnering up with Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 and it will be acting as teams’ official sports representative.

The streaming service aims to bring more non-local brands into esports in order to grow the revenues of the partner teams as well as its own business. The two teams have agreed to stream only on Twitch.

According to the COO of Twitch, Kevin Lin, the company’s long-lasting partnership with Cloud 9 and Team Solo Mid has helped the pro players thrive in this growing live media ecosystem. This expanded deal will also improve the health of the esports industry by giving the players more opportunities through long-term support in a more balanced ecosystem.

The two teams have had previous partnerships with the streaming service, so this is not something completely new. This deal will help Twitch exploit the close relationship between the teams and the way they reach their fans. The growth of esports and Twitch has been going hand in hand, and it certainly marks a distinction between traditional sports and esports. The traditional sports have TV broadcasting and massive stadiums, while esports were built by live streaming and event halls.

These are the best teams in North America, so it is obvious that they are sponsored by other companies as well. TSM is sponsored by Geico, which is a corporation for car insurance, And Redbull, which also sponsors C9. However, the sponsors that are listed on their websites are related to hardware, software and regional brands which are strictly related to esports.

Coca-Cola sponsored this year’s League of Legends ‘Worlds’ which were hosted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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