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Top USA Bookmakers For 2017

where can you find usa bookmakers to play atIf you want to gamble online and you are located in the United States, the only option is looking for bookmakers outside of the country. You are likely to find some in the Caribbean or the Kahnawake reserve in Canada.

In this article, we have summarized information about offshore betting, how to find a safe and reputable bookmaker, and how to withdraw or deposit money into your gambling account.

USA Online Bookies

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Some betting sites offer their services to customers in the United States since almost a decade and there are many who offer a wide variety of sports, bets, promotions and bonuses.

Most of them focus on the popular sports like Basketball, Baseball, Football and Hockey, so it’s easy to find good odds on them. There are also many betting options like Parlays, Teasers and season-long bets available in addition to the regular ones.

These gambling sites have a separate section for horse racing which can focus on all of the tracks, or just the big events like the Breeders’ Cup. The promotion offers differentiate between sports betting and horse racing.

The biggest bookmakers have grown enough so that they can offer more obscure sports for their customers such as golf, motor racing, tennis, soccer, and boxing.

The competition amongst gambling websites is always huge, that’s why they always try to offer amazing opening bonuses and free bets that can lure new clients to them. We recommend that you check out if there are running promotions for existing customers, because it’s always important to keep them happy too.

The Legitimate USA Bookies

find the top rated legal usa bookmakers onlineDespite there being many safe and secure betting websites offshore, many punters still have concerns about them. Before you choose a bookmaker, there are some routine checks that you must do in order to find out for yourself if the bookie is legitimate or not and that you are depositing your money into a safe place.

Number one on the list is the licensing of the bookmaker from a reputable jurisdiction like the Netherlands Antilles, Antigua, and the Kahnawake territory. Even if the bookie is licensed, that doesn’t guarantee complete safety, but if they aren’t, we definitely recommend that you stay away from them and make another pick.

Another good tip is to find a bookie which operates since at least five years because it’s difficult for operators who don’t pay out to stay competitive in this business. If a problem arises, it’s usually going to go public very fast, so you should trust brands that respect their customers and have a good reputation.

Last but not least, make sure that the bookmaker offers customer support which includes a number of ways of contacting them, because if a problem arises, a good service team is always beneficial.

Deposit at USA Gambling Websites

how to deposit cash at usa sports betting operatorsAfter you have made your choice regarding the bookmaker, the first thing you need to do is deposit money. Due to banking restrictions, this may not be as easy as it was in the past, but it’s unlikely that you will have trouble depositing when you know some little tricks.

Credit and bank cards are almost always accepted, so your best bet would be using them to deposit money. The most reputable and popular brands that are being accepted by offshore bookies are Visa and MasterCard. The deposit you make will count as a purchase and, therefore, is unlikely to get rejected. If that happens, we recommend using a pre-paid Visa card. You can get them from convenience stores across the United States. It’s always a good idea to check with your betting site so you know which brands are being accepted by them.

A guaranteed way of depositing the money into your bookmaker’s account is using Western Union. You will need the information from the gambling site and then go to one of their offices where you can pay with cash. The downside with that is that you probably will have to pay a deposit fee. If you want to withdraw your winnings, the best way is to use a check which is accepted by the US banks. The only problem with this can be the waiting time because the check needs to arrive through the post. Make sure to check the website first before deciding on a withdrawal option, as some bookmakers may accept money transfer services in order to make things easier.

When you do a little bit more research then you are sure to find good quality betting websites that accept US customers.

What to look for in a bookmaker?

what to be looking for in an us internet gaming siteMany people ask themselves the question, what should they look for when making research and picking a bookmaker? While there are some qualities that are valid for all people, there are different laws and regulations in each country, so people have to look for different things in a sports betting website. Here are the most important criteria that the US punters should look for during their research of gambling sites:

  • Does the bookmaker accept US customers?

Obviously, the most important thing you should look for is whether the bookie accepts new registrations from the United States or not.  As we mentioned earlier, the gambling laws here are different, but if you really want to learn those specifications in depth, check out the article about the gambling jurisdictions in the USA. You can find if the bookie accepts US punters by reading the information on their website. We also recommend checking out the reviews for a specific bookie before making a decision, to see if they have a good reputation and how they treat their customers.

  • Are there any bonuses and promotional offers?

what are the best sports beting promotions A good bookmaker always keeps their clients interested by offering regular promotions on their website, not just when you create a new account. Nowadays, almost every sports betting company has some sorts of bonuses and it’s up to you to find those with the best conditions which are most suitable to your gambling style.

If you like to bet on a specific sport, it’s worth checking out if there are any bonuses related only to it. When you do a little more digging, you will find some great bonuses on NFL and college football, as well as many other popular sports in the States. Always make sure to check the requirements for claiming the bonus and if you meet them or not.

  • Do they have a mobile app or any other mobile betting options?

For people who like to bet on the go and want to have access to their bookie no matter where they are, a good mobile website can be a crucial factor to a satisfying experience. Even if you prefer to bet from your computer, we recommend trying out the mobile version so that you can see for yourself what the advantages to this bet on-the-go method are.

A good bookmaker should have a mobile version that supports all devices like the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows. This probably isn’t necessary for everyone, but it shows that the bookie has a high standard and probably is a good choice for you.

  • What deposit and withdrawal methods do they accept?

how to deposit in order to claim your bonusOf course, you would like to be able to deposit money and withdraw you winnings with ease. Fortunately, most bookies will offer you many options so that you can pick the one that suits you the best. Unfortunately, punters in the US don’t have a wide variety of option when it comes to depositing or withdrawing money because of the gambling regulations in the country. However, it’s still very likely that you will find a comfortable and easy method that you can use on a regular basis.

  • Are they easily accessible?

Customer support is always important, especially when it comes to gambling sites. You can always have a question that needs to be answered, so it’s important that you can contact the support team without much effort and receive a quick and helpful answer. Usually, you will find a couple of contact options like phone or email, but some of the better bookies offer a live chat support. You can use most of these contact methods 24/7.

  • Do they offer the markets you are interested in?

which are the top three sports on the us marketThis is maybe the most important feature, because if they don’t have the market you want to bet on, then you won’t bet at all. That’s why we think it’s best to check out what markets do they offer before looking for any other type of information about them. Most of the betting site offer major sports like football, hockey, baseball, and basketball, but also a variety of other sports. You should look for the ones you want to bet on, but it’s good to have more options, because you never know what may spark your interest. A wide selection of betting markets and odds shows that the bookmaker has the resources to cover many events and you should seriously consider them when choosing the preferred bookmaker for you.

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