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Sutton’s Goalkeeper Wayne Shaw Broke FA Rule

After his team’s defeat, the 45-year-old athlete admitted that he knew that Sun Bets was offering 8/1 on him to eat pie on live air.

Wayne Shaw is Sutton United’s reserve goalkeeper, and he might have broken a Football Association Betting Rule after eating a pie during his side’s loss 2-0 to Arsenal.

Sun Bets is The Sun’s gambling website, and they offered the odds of 8/1 for Shaw to eat pie during any time of the televised fifth round tie.

There is no need to mention that Shaw became something of an internet sensation during Sutton’s run because of his weight consumed the savoury meat snack during the second half of the match after Sutton had used all three substitutions.

Sutton’s manager Paul Doswell was not at all impressed by Shaw’s stunt on live TV, and he felt that it reflected poorly on the club. He thinks that Wayne has become a global superstar because he is 23-stone.

After the game, the goalkeeper admitted that he knew about the bet, but he declined that he or any other player had placed a wager.

He stated: “A few of the lads said to me earlier on: ‘What is going on with the 8-1 about eating a pie? I said: ‘I do not know, I have eaten nothing all day so that I might give it a go later on.”

You can see the tweet here.
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