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William Hill, a Victim in a DDoS Cyber Attack

The popular British operator is the latest victim hit by cyber attacks, which affected companies such as The Guardian Newspaper, Netflix and Twitter in the last month. The casino apologised to their clients after their site crashed on Tuesday, as a result of a sophisticated attack. William Hill stated that the company was a casualty of a distributed denial of service attack. The website that is targeted by such an attack cannot function properly because it gets flooded with traffic. This incident took away the possibility for the customers to place bets on the upcoming UEFA Championship matches, some of which include those of Manchester City and Arsenal. If we consider the company’s revenue, which is approximately £814 million, the outage which lasted 24 hours could have cost the company up to £4 million, however, it should be less, since only the online part of their casino services was affected. The operator stated this Wednesday that it was most likely the Mirai botnet, which is to blame for this accident. This is considered to be the mother of every DDoS virus as it recently took out a huge part of the internet. Mirai managed to that because it was programmed to target the company Dyn’s servers which currently controls a huge portion of the web’s DNS structure. DDoS stands for distributed denial of service, and they are used to attack a particular company’s site using thousands of requests for information, paralysing it until the hosting company or the company’s sysadmin manages to fix it.
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