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xPeke returned to Origen’s starting roster as support

Origen announced on Facebook that Enrique xPeke Cedeño Martínez will temporarily revert to the starting roster as the support. Additionally, according to Origen’s announcement, their former support, Aleksi Hiiva Kaikkonen has parted ways with the club as he declined a substitute position.

The team’s current goal is not to keep xPeke in the starting roster for a long time, they have already done some tryouts and even have several players in mind. However, it is quite difficult to make such a move in the middle of the split.

This news came after Hiiva was removed from the roster on the 1st of March in both the match up a page on their game against Misfits as well as LoL’s esports contract database.

The team fielded NaeHyun and xPeke in their new roles, however, they lost versus Misfits 0-2. Now they are at 0-7 matches and (0-14 total games), which is a new record. Unfortunately, this makes them dead last in the group.

The team announced that they are aware that they are not in the position that they would like to be in. However, they are working very hard to reverse the situation, or at least as much as it is possible, and even build up to a competitive team again.

If you have been keeping up with EU LCS for the last several years, you are probably aware that xPeke was a midlaner for the majority of his career, but he was moved to ADC for last year’s portion of the EU LCS Summer Split.

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